Any non-box or non-black grey amplifiers?

Looking to obtain details on a non-traditional shaped or non-traditional (i.e. not a boring box or black/grey/silver)colored amplifier to complement a modern designed studio in Washington DC. If you know of any please provide name of product, and what if any info you may have on it.Thanks
Hmmmm, the theory is that we buy them for sound, not looks....
There are too many to list..let us know some more info ie:
price range, power requirements, associated equipment especially speakers, room size, etc..check out the manufacturer's section on this website you can find pics of most amps in production today..some brands to start you off
are Conrad Johnson Premier 8 or 12..almost any Jadis, Red Rose (or Audioprism), Kora, Thor (these are shaped like a donut)etc.
Ghostrider, if that was strictly the case, Bose, B&O, etc... would be out of business. Sean
How about Alchemist? They are definitely different looking and they just went out of business, so you can get 'em cheap.
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How about a shape that is designed to improve the sound. Wow! someone actually thinking outside the box. The pun was intended. I have been using for the last six months Harmonic Precision Mono amps . These amps by their design shape are able to dissipate micro-vibrations away from internal circuitry and then onto mechanical ground. When used in conjunction with a newly designed platform this combo opens a new window into reality. This combo works. A bowed triangle, unique and very cool to see. All based on the Coloumb law of physics.I purchased my set on-line at Audiopoints .com This combo extended the soundstage of my Dunlavy SCIV;s from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Focus and dynamics are scary! Tom
Redgum amps are highly polished wood(redgum wood from Australia) faceplates with black chassis. I have the integrated and it is stunning. The pictures on the website do not due justice to the gloss or the beauty.
Check out a Pass Labs (Aleph) amp on this site or at
These amps sound as good as they look!
Aragon amps with their V-shaped notch in the top are very unique looking.
Uh.. you could look at something from Viva. I believe they come in almost any color.

Here is a review and a few nice photos from Enjoy The Music:
Maybe the Hovland Sapphire? Very definatly not a black box!

You can check it out at
Manley, Stingray. Looks kind of like it sounds. Perhaps retro looking in a way with the tubes--but definitely an eye catcher, and would probably be a very interesting contrast in a modern decor.
The Nero amps are good and look very cool.
Not sure what pricepoint you're looking at but Blue Circle BC2 monoblocks at about $2.5k are very nice looking and not boxy in any traditional sense. If you can spend more then Nagra may be an idea. I also like the look of BAT tube amps - very look like they mean business.