any nitty gritty dirt band fans out there

Looking at there web site and noticed they have a new album coming out in september. I like there older stuff better but still enjoy there new stuff, any one else out there like them
Yes. I have all three "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" sets; recommend them all, but for the first make sure you get the remastered CDs, close to the LPs. The first CDs were horrible. Have some of their other stuff too, all good.
Also have the "Circle" sets. Volume Two is one of my all time favorite albums. I haven't heard much else by them though.
in all honesty i loved them when they where on liberty records. 'uncle charlie and his dog teddy' was their masterpiece.....i'd heard so much folk, spiritual, gospel, bluegrass, and traditional music as a child that 'circle' was no revelation. on later 'dirt band' records they had lost the 'nitty gritty' in more ways than one.