Any news about new DD/DTS upgrade on HDDVD?

Wondering if anyone's heard anything regarding potential release of new pre's or even receivers that will be able to handle/decode the new "propossed" higher rez DD/DTS material to be supposedly released on the new HD DVD/Blue-ray discs?
Probably not but, you can always you the multi-channel inputs. Problem there is that processing the DD/DTS "internally" in a DVD player NEVER sounds as good! Always has sounded flater, more 2 dimmensional, and less refined. Probably has to do with the quality of processors, the analog output stage/buffering, etc on the players analog out's. The WAY BETTER SOUNDING route has alway been digital connection from the DVD player to an outboard "pre/pro"! yeah, I'll not be doing the other way any time soon.
It depends on the quality of the player and the processor as to which one is best at decoding the signal.
Actually analog outputs wont work. The internal ability to decode Hi Rez multi channel audio is clearly not present in any of the introduced soon to be introduced players.

This has been discussed in detail within the past two weeks.

Essentially, because HDMI 1.3 doesnt exist anywhere yet on devices there are major compatibility issues at eaxch step- DVD player, Receiver, and display.
Rysa is correct...I bought a Toshiba hd dvd player...and the audio via coax or analog is down 8-10 db and sounds very undynamic with weak bass.
SD DVD sounds far better...and the only way to get good audio from the via an hdmi receiver/pre/pro.

Also...your processor or receiver will read this DD+ as DTS audio , which is not even on the disc.

What a mess...because if I were to run out and buy an hdmi would be outdated in a few months buy hdmi 1.3.

Expect massive returns on these Toshiba players if theres not a fix quickly.
WHAT A BUNCH OF BONE HEADS!!!!!!! Amazing. Gread and more gread seems to be one of the root cause to a lot of this. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaatever. Yeah, I don't doubt you'll see the new players lag in sales greatly for the next couple of years.
My only comment is that the Hi Def DVDs being released are supposed to have Dolby 5.1 and DTS 5.1 also as options and they should sound the same as SD dvd soundtracks.

I have never had a complaint about the quality of current DVD soundtracks and really find them pretty enjoyable.

I look forward to the day/year etc when HDMI 1.3 connects/chipsets are present on all devices,,,...until then I am just gonnan hang out a bit and enjoy what I have...
Rysa...the first titles don't have DTS, in any form, there supposed to play regular DD via analog...but this is actually DD+ which displays as DTS via coax or optical...confusing right?

Any way, I don't have an hdmi audio option , but managed to get DD+ via analog 5.1, and it does sound much better than regular DD/DTS,although its also a bit down on db,its no where near 15 db down, like when using coaxial and optical, and the problem seems to be on Warner movies only so far.

Something really ironic is the fact that everyone thought the Toshiba hd dvd players would playback DTS-HD, with there built in DTS-HD decoders....but they will never playback DTS -HD....but rather just core DTS.

I guess we all have to read the fine print on these new formats.
"Any way, I don't have an hdmi audio option , but managed to get DD+ via analog 5.1, and it does sound much better than regular DD/DTS,although its also a bit down on db" (Ears)

Ears, describe "much better" please! How so? Sounds to me like it's the same limitations connecting this way as before, only with perhaps more potential resolution. I've never gotten good results connecting to the analog out's of a dvd player, and playing DD/DTS! PCM 2 channel? Now that's another story entirely!
Flrnlamb, theres better resolution than double bit rate DTS as well as the higher bit rate DD available on some D-vhs tapes.
It almost sounds discrete for each channel with greater dynamics as well as cleaner sounding.
The reason you have to use analog or hdmi is because DD+ will not pass via analog or optical.
It does seem to be down a couple of db from the sd dvd versions...but plenty loud enough using analog.
The picture is pretty nice...but softer than the best d-vhs studio movies.
My advice is to try one from BB or some where with a return policy, and if you don't think its for you, bring it back.

If I end up bringing this one back, it will be because I am not interested in that many near future movie releases, most of which will also be on Blu Ray.

The biggest suprise for me has been the sd dvd playback, which is as good or better than all but the very best sd dvd players.

Anyone who trys one out should use 1080i only for the hd dvd movies....even if your display is 720p...and use analog 5.1 or hdmi for audio.
EARs, in line 4 you meant to use the word " coaxial" instead of analog 3rd word from the end I think. I am only pointing this out so others dont get confused.
"Flrnlamb, there's better resolution than double bit rate DTS as well as the higher bit rate DD available on some D-vhs tapes" (ears)

Not interested even remotely in Digital tape. This will be gone in no time...of this I'm most certain.

"The reason you have to use analog or hdmi is because DD+ will not pass via analog or optical" (ears)

This doesn't make sense. Do you mean "won't pass via digital/optical???"

I seriously have my doubts that connecting via multi-ch analog for DD/DTS+, or whatever, is going to be "ideal!".
Time will tell.
The DD+ signal will not pass via optical or it downgrades it to hi bit tate DTS....or at least your gear reads it as DTS...which is 15 db down on Warner titles.
Only Analog or Hdmi can handle the bandwidth of the DD+ signal.
Hdmi,as well as analog 5.1 on the Toshiba will pass DD+....but to be on the safe side....this player will never decode DTS-HD without downressing it in some the best thing to do for those with patience, is wait for hd dvd and BD players with hdmi 1.3...which will not only decode all codecs, it will offer built in lip sync help also.

I ended up taking the player back to BB.
Its just so slow at loading and everything will re-start the movie after pushing anything other than pause,it never remembers were you left off in the movie, I have had a dark blue screen instead of the movie a few times, as well as hdmi error codes.
Others have had the player freeze during playback, but mine only frooze while trying to start a disc a couple of times.

It took the manager at BB 3.5-4 minutes to get the hd dvd disc out of the player that I forgot after plugging it in, which I thought was ironic because he mentioned he thought these new players were rediculously slow just before this.

Also its far more sensitive to hum using analog cables than any player I have ever tried.

To some the picture as well as improved audio via analog or hdmi is worth the quirks....but I will wait for Blu Ray, and maybe buy another hd dvd player down the road when the quirks are worked out.
Another flub on the part of Toshiba is that these players clip blacks via hdmi...but not component, which I find very ironic since hdmi is supposed to be the defacto standard.
Ears- I dont disagree with anything you are saying. But the Blue Ray players are going to have their own set of issues the first time out as well. They will be different. But there will be issues....
So is there any guess at when HDMI 1.3 might become commonly available in pre/pros and players?

What about a IEEE 1394 connection for HD movie that a possibility once the decoders hit the market?

BTW, when could the decoders [for DTS HD, DD+, and whatever other new HD audio formats] hit the market?

The whole audio side of high definition DVDs is rather disappointing.
Rysa, thats a very good point that there will indeed be some sort of problems with the first BD players also.
Theres an insider opinion from a guy from Warner and his group...that the Samsung BD player is basically far better than the Toshiba hd dvd player....and they have both as well as test dics to trip up both formats.
They say the Samsung hs no hdmi issues, loads quicker, and is silent with no fan well as there pick of the two players.
This is good news because maybe there seeing the many reports on the Toshiba...and avoiding the same pitfalls for initial BD players with there extra time before launch.

Even if the BD players end up being much better from a user standpoint...both formats are not using there full specs with regard to audio...on the first players....which is very dissapointing.