Any new review for Quad 22L speaker ???

I've just bought Quad 22L (replace my current Tannoy Mx4).
What a surprise, unbelievable improvement !!!
Neutral, details, tight bass control.... verything. Price is mid but sound quality and build is surely up to hi-end.
What a great buy!!!
My system: Consonace 2.2 ref CD, Nelson Image 66i (KT66 tube) intergrated amp, Kimber 8TC cable.
Anyone own this Quad, pls share review with me.
Thank you.
Mate has a pair of these also. Purchased them after listening to my 12L's in comparison or should i say NO comparison to is rip off M&K's :)
I have had the Quads 22L for 2 months now.
First of all this was a temporary purchase since I sold my reference Sonus Faber Electa Amator mk1’s. Needed the bucks urgently then so……..

The plan was to get a temporary substitute of speakers until I have enough to get something that I am used to usually ( targeted was the Merlin / Verity Audio / Apogee DIVA/ Stage ( I miss them :( )or the Sonus Faber Electa Amator – down the road)

I had Wilson’s / Martin Logan’s / Audio Physic and many many more in the $10,000 price range so kind a spoilt a little)

With my system that totals up to around 15,000 excluding speakers these under $2000 Quads have no problem nesting in that chain I assure.

It wont be my reference for sure but it will do well I would assume for many out there who is looking for good speakers, this can give you a slice of the very best out there.
Match these speakers with top-notch amplification and source and you would be wondering if your music gets any better than this let alone for under $2000 ($1595 to be exact)

Warm sound, good resolution, nice midrange, good bass for its size, Very neutral sounding, Good imaging and 3D effect! Many traits from its larger Electrostatic siblings. Finish and built quality is astounding!!!!Unheard of with options of Piano Gloss in Birds Eye Maple / Rosewood and Black!!!!!! Solid feel for the money! Top-notch packaging with felt blanket to ensure gloss finish!

Binding post is great but very close to each other!
Birds eye maple Piano will show wood grooves on piano mirror image. Therefore some might say that the Piano mirror shows imperfections but its actually the natural wood grain and not the finish, a design choice, I like it anyway.
The piano Black and Rosewood is as good as it gets (nothing out there for this price assured)
Need breathing space!
May sound a little tame for some!

Great speakers for the money!
Hey, guys! How easy are these "L" series speakers to drive? What would be the least amp power needed? Thanks.
I currently own a set of 22L's and 12L's for rear and Center L for center channel. (+-3 months). I am pushing them from a sunfire cinema grand 200 x 5.
i have only one other direct reference to the quad l-series i have and that is the B&W Nautilus 803 fronts with the B&W Signature 805's as rears. My dealer could not get me the center channel. Now I do not know if it was my processor which mated better with my quads but after using the B&W's for over 5 days and switching to the quads i was really impressed with the quads it plays the midrange incredibly well compared to the b&w's but I have to give the b&w's the upper-hand on the lower regions. i listen to allot of vocal music and as such the quads was a hands down fav. of the two. price wise they both in the same range I think. i just posted a question on the speaker forum asking for advice on a subwoofer for my system to fill the bottom a bit better.
These speakers ar FABULOUS and not just for the money. They are great speakers period. QUAD being legendary with their electrostatics and other products, it would have been very unlikely that they would have put the QUAD name on anything else but excellence. I have never owned a QUAD product, and I am blown away with the midrange these QUAD 22L's can provide. I also agree that the finish ranks up to anything at 4 times the price. Don't be affraid to pair these with the best electronics and cabling you can get you hands on. I use mine with a Sonic Frontiers Power 2 and Line 2 combo. Most audiophiles would say this is overkill for such an ''inexpensive, speaker. I just think everything just sounds right, and that I can finally settle in and concentrate on the music and not the gear. Do they make any money on these? Listen to them- it's a no-brainer! Magnificient sound, and looks to match. Cheers everyone!