Any new record cleaning products?

I finally got a 16.5 and read much on cleaners about 6 months ago when I was looking at them. Just wanted to know if any new cleaners/opinions are out there. It seems many are b/w Walker and AI, anything else compare?

Disc Doctor is very very good.
I was one of the beta testers for the AI stuff and have used it ever since. I recommend it highly.
Try a $35 Shark Super Steamer or the $150 steamer fro Mapleshade. Steam does wonders, that no other method can do.
There is something new from MoFi that I had a chance to use. It is an enzymatic cleaner that is far better thany anything I have used yet, enzymatic or not.

I was able to get my hands on a preproduction beta batch and I hear that it should be going 'live' within the next month.

I don't know what the name of it will be but it should be showing up on the big vendor sites that sell RRL soon.
AI for me too, I have also used VPI with success. Only two I've used and they both work well for me.
I have about three full bottles of RRL sitting around since I swiched to the AI stuff.... Much preferred.

Thank y'all...I have a bottle of the VPI fluid, but will go ahead and pick up the AI and give it a shot...That new MoFi sounds interesting. Look forward to hearing more.
Hi all!

I prefer not to start a new thread and saw this so I thought I'd ask my question here.

Does anyone remember the products that Michael Fermer uses (or used) to clean his records? I recall him using Disc Doctor as the first step and then removed the excess with a product (this is the product I am trying to remember) that was a white pad. He finished off with distilled water and the VPI cleaning.

Anyone remember??

Thank you

Rick (RWD)
The Walker Audio Prelude continues to be the best cleaning system I've used. I've given away my remaining Disc Doctor cleaning concentrate that I used for many years. From all reports, the new Audio Intelligent formulation should be in the same ball park of functionality, but I haven't used the newer version to compare.
I got my hands on a beta of MoFi's cleaner recently and gave it a try.
A generous inmate gave me some for a test drive and I was pretty amazed at how well it worked. It exceeds BugTussel by a far stretch and is better than the standard RRL in my opinion.

The MoFi Plus is an enzyme cleaner and the Pure is a pure water wash. What constitutes the fluids beyond that is unknown to me.

How I used it was (1)after a sink wash, (2)on previously washed records, (3) the dirtiest most damaged records I have.

The suggestion is to use let it sit for 3-5 minutes, I did 5, then you can use the Pure water as rinse. I also tried the RRL wash as in the final rinse step. I vacuumed them dry.

Turns out it cleans records better than BugTussel and removed some stuff that BugTussel left behind. I was very very happy with BugTussel 'till I used this new MoFi Plus.

(1) after the sink wash I got finished and all the records seemed clean and none went into the "wash again" rack. that is very nice.

(2) on previously washed records the records tended to sound better. I don't mean just cleaner. I mean there is better micro-dynamics. And smoother overall, which I guess really does mean cleaner.

(3) in the case of the dirtiest damaged stuff I had, the most beaten Bethlehem of the Australian Jazz Quartet, and it was screechy to start out with. After cleaning I was able to listen to that on headphones. Now that is a BIG improvement.

Using the Pure and RRL seemed equal in effect. I don't know but I think I like the RRL better because it seems to vacuum up better. The water seemed too wet. [sounds goofy, I know] I did some without any rinse at all and I did not notice any ill effects of going without it. Adding the rinse step is a neurotic move that I will continue only out of nervousness.

I passed this out to others and they seemed to all say the same thing. Pretty vehemently at times, as well. I, for one, am very happy with MoFI Plus and Pure in that it improves a record via cleaning it. I do not notice anything like added sonics. It is more of a transparency thing.

To be forthcoming I got this stuff on a back channel. The affiliation is to a member here. He offered it to me with no strings attached. I promised nothing and nothing was promised to me. When he offered it I was open but skeptical. I thought it was generous, really, getting free cleaning fluid and all. Irregardless the MoFi really worked better than the previous stuff I was using and I think it will replace my RRL as standard stuff when the RRL wash runs out.
I have gotten terrific and the best results to date using the AI 4 - step system (I have not tried the Walker system). The AI system's results that I have gotten are dramatically better than when I was using either RRL or Disc Doctor products.
If you want to take it to yet another level, Steam clean using Ultra-pure water prior to applying the Cleaning solutions.


Micheal Fremer has the procedure he uses published on his music site. I should warn you thought, its about 978243 steps and uses all sorts of cleaners and wipes and vacuums. I haven't tried it yet but I have a few records that never seem to clean up so I'm going to try it on them some day.

Thank's Lucas......I recall it being a two step process. I'll have to review it and see. I suppose I must take a closer look at what the rest of us recommend (Cello?) and investigate.

Rick (RWD)
This is good. I have a bunch of LPs stored in the basement in a somewhat humid environment.
Ok, I'm threadjacking my own thread.

Ran a couple records yesterday and used the VPI fluid that I had until the AI gets here. I'm wondering what brushes are used with good results, MOFI? Overall the results were good, I was surprised that even new vinyl sounded clearer.

Also, I have a new record that picked up some residue from my old turntable mat. The VPI fluid did nothing. Enzymatics needed you think?

Pablo16: The real break-thru is the use of steam to clean LPs with or without a record cleaning machine (RCM). Steam cleaning produces a recording that is significantly more listenable than only using a RCM .

Steam cleaning enters the deepest part of the record grove aiding in steaming out any foreign materals attached to the vinyl. Record cleaning fluids certianly enhanse the process anything from homebrew to $$$. Record cleaning fluids should do just that--clean records and thereafter be steam-washed off the disc. "Enzymatics" are inorganic subtances that are used to "breakdown" organic material so that other cleaners included in the mix can release them from the surface of the vinyl, a process that steam cleaning does very well on its own. If your interested give a look to the steam thread below. The equipment and cloths can be had for far less than what some audiofirms sell them for.
Try cleaning fluid. Request for a sample. I like it enough to replace RRL with it.
For those of you using the AI product, are you using the multi-step process, or the one-step process?

If the one-step is reasonably effective, I like the sound of that.
AIVS multistep (as Cello described it) works best for me, certainly better than RRL or Disc Doctor. Haven't tried steaming yet.

AIVS One Step works okay if you're in a hurry, but it doesn't do as good a job as the full process.