any new Quad 11/12L owners?

Interested in seeing what others are using for electronics,cables,etc....
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Regarding the speakers, I bought the "12L" the first time I heard it! I can only echo the praise of the other posters.

Regarding the comment about being fatiguing, all I can say is that if your electronics pick it up-you'll hear it. I had some decent speakers before these, but with the Quads you hear EVERY THING with no coloration. Some don't care for that level of realism which is certainly understandable.

In answer to your electronics question, I am running a Arcam Diva A85 integrated amp/Arcam CD62 with Harmonic Technology Truth-Link Silver interconnects and Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cable.

Once the speakers have been broken in I may look at different speaker cable, but for right now I'm very pleased
Glad you like them. They are very dynamic and clear. WhatHiFi reviewed an all Quad system and noted that Quad could be bright depending on the recording. Just a caution.
i used to own 11L and prefer them to Proac response 1sc. They are warm sounding and have considerable good midrange. I compare to LS3/5A, and their midrange is still not as revealing / effortless. Sometime it may sound a bit overblown, but it plays music beatifully most of the time.

Another aces is their agile and deep bass, which set apart from many bookshelf. Their laid back high is also seductive after listening.

It take 2 solid months for me to run in these gems.
I find interesting to note that many people are using those Quads with much more expensive electronics..I'm curious to try them and compare with my old KEFs 104aBwhich still have a very nice medium...I guess the Quads are going to be much more revealing...
Well the new Quads are often run with Quad eclectronics...which start at 2k for each componet...CDP and amp...this has to be the highest recommendation....