Any new Opus 21 onwers?

I saw that there are a couple of threads discussing the Opus 21, but not many reviews yet. Can any owners comment on their experiences so far? I own the RA CD55 am considering checking it out. Thanks.
... or owners?
I have had my Opus for several months
IMO it is the not only the best value out there at $3K but it also sounds better than those costing much more. I auditioned it with an Audio Areo Capitole Mk II in my system and the RA bested it in every facet. I run minedirect to Lamm amps via Vallhalla balanced interconnects and can't find fault with the wonderful sound reproduction from sweet air in the highs to solid bass slam and definition from top to bottom. It is a winner.
I second Acuujim's recommendation. It is superior to the CD55 and CD50 (both good players). It is best if run direct in via balanced, it has a very good sounding analog voulme control. The Opus 21 is strictly a no frills player (no programming options) but I like it that way.
There have been some comments about the whine from the CD Drive. How loud is it, and does it become annoying?
I have just finished a comparison against the Audio Aero Capitale mk2 in two systems and the AA was vastly superior in terms of tone, pacing and sound staging.
two-box solutions will beat any one-box- I just sold my Capitole, and have recently auditioned the latest version of EMC- in either case, other transport/dac combos have beaten up the one-box players easily. My next digital purchase will be an Audio Note Dac to couple with my one-day-to-be-modded Teac Esoteric P1 transport...
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