Any New Magnepans In The Future??

Hi all,

I've owned the 1.6, 3.6 and 20...... Can't afford the 20.1 and wonder if/when Magnepan is going to update the 1.6 and/or the 3.6. And yes, just like the 20..they can be improved upon.

What I would wish for is a push-pull 1.6 and midrange panel on the 3.6...but who long as sales are good...there is probably no insentive for the folks at Maggie to do updates/improvements.
A push-pull magnet structure is theoretically a good idea. However, I wonder how much the field strength of the single-ended structure really varies over the very small distance that the membrane moves, and having magnets "in the way" must have some down side. Magnepan should be very careful about changes to the MG1.6. It would be easy to kick the price up a grand without significant sonic improvement.
Could be...but that is not the impact it has had on the 20.1.
Whatjd...If the 20.1 is an improvement over the prior model it is not obvious that the push-pull magnet structure is the reason. After all, the 1.6 was greatly improved over its prior model without use of a push-pull magnet structure. The theoretical advantage of a push-pull structure is obvious, and even if it does not, in practice, buy much improvement it is easy for people to understand, and a good marketing point.

Perhaps I should add that I am a big fan of Maggies, and don't mean to be critical of the design.
True....and perhaps a new 1.7(?) could have as much improvement without the push pull thing.... Jim Winey was quoted on the 20.1 that he had not realized how much improvement making the midrange push-pull would make...