any new BLUES recomendations?

I have really enjoyed the recent releases by Duke Robillard and Nick Moss and the Fliptops. I thought that I would ask the informed listeners on Audiogon if they had any new blues recommendations?
Forget that carictature rehash regurgitation. Go to the source: get the Yazoo comps. which trace regionalism into depression era music, which is the basis of the northern electric developments. Then go to Chess!
CHRIS BOTTI Live. I have it on Bluray and am playing it NOW.
soundtrack to john sayles' the honeydripper
Don't know if it is blues "proper"... 2 young guys out of Akron, Ohio.

The Black Keys:

"Chulahoma: Songs of Junior Kimbrough"

"Magic Potion"

Their other albums lean a bit more towards rock.... kinda like the White Stripes. The above mentioned 2 albums are my favorites.

There's also RL Burnside: Come on In.
Definitely check out Eilen Jewell (pronounced like feelin'), Letters from Sinners and Strangers. She's not straight blues but a bluesy mix of roots music and she is good. Just read the reviews on Amazon.
Have to agree with Chasmal.Don't drink downstream go to the source.check out T-Bone Walker.
Kirk fletcher's new one is great
Mitch Kashmar- live at labatt's
Ronnie Earl's recent releases are great. if you like nick moss, you will enjoy ronnie.
Mitch Wood's latest is fun if you like the New Orlean's blues influence.
RONNIE EARL and Aynsley Lister.
Check out Hillstomp, "Darker the Night" or "One Word". Theyre on In Music We Trust label or Fuzzmonster label. Hard to find, might need to go to specialty sites to order but if you like R.L. Burnside, they will float your boat. Also second the Ainsley Lister cd.
Not new but Muddy Waters "Woodstock Album". Released in 1975. I rediscovered it this weekend and it is amazing. I believe it may have won a grammy.
It's not new by any means, but your collection is incomplete without Albert King's "Born Under A Bad Sign".