Any negative comments on Polycrystal products?

Hi all
I've put them under my speakers, components; and I am about to buy their amp. platforn, and maybe their rack...

I like the product thus far, but I am concerned that there may be "a point of diminishing return" with this line of isolation products.
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I have ordered a Polycrystal rack last year and although I’ve been promised a 1 month delivery it took them 6(!) months to send it out. Apparently Polycrystal is a one-man operation with very unstable delivery schedule. What makes it even worse they weren’t very honest about delivery date. It’s been a “they promised to send it next week” for last 4 month. I’ve just been too busy with other problems, otherwise I would just canceled this order. The rack itself is OK though and if you don’t mind to deal with the way they doing business … Otherwise look somewhere else.
How about positive comments - anything !
When I picked up the box with one of the Polycrystal shelves in it, it broke through the bottom of the box, landing on my toe. Needless to say, my toe was no match for the shelf, and it broke. Good thing I had this nice stand to listen to music while I stayed home to heal.

I bought mine through Galen Carol Audio, and had only a few weeks wait. I still have the stand, but use it in a second system. It doesn't currrently match the decor in my livingroom. I also had two Polycrystal amps stands, but sold them as I no longer have mondo mono amps. They all worked well to enhance the performace of the system. As far as diminishing returns, I would say that, by the time you start investing big bucks in stands, you should already have your system pretty much where you want it. I find that stands make a difference, but not as much as some other things you can do. I have or have had Polycystral, Sound Organisation, Solid Steel, Grand Prix, Sound Anchor, Premier, Stand Design, and many others. I find that the differences between them are minimal. An exception would be the Machina Dynamica Nimbus. This makes a big difference under CD players and turntables. But it is a single platform stand.
Some of the best you could have purchased. Anything you sit equipment on will result in a somewhat different sound. Great design if you can still buy it, then still do so.
Try SYMPOSIUM much better!!