Any need for Phono stage with Brio

Have had my setup for a little while now.

Brio AMP
Planar 3 with Elys 2 
Q Accoustics 3020i speakers

Wondering if the addition of the Phono MM from Rega would benefit me.

Is that a typo? Because it feels like you're asking about a better phono stage while saying MM when you already have a MM cartridge.
What exactly is the question?
The Brio has a pretty good phono stage.  The Phono MM would probably not be a big step up in quality (if at all).  You've got a nice, solid system there, and if you're looking for a better phono stage I would recommend something above the Phono MM.  

Best, Scott
The first question is how does your vinyl playback sound to you now? Are you finding flaws in the performance?

Second, will a stand alone phono preamp sound better than the built-in phonostage in the Brio? The answer is yes and no.
If you purchase an entry-level phono preamp or a mid level Rega, there would not be a significant increase in SQ. It’s a horizontal move.
For a significant upgrade, you would need to move up to the next level of sonic performance and build quality. Perhaps a tube phonostage would be in order.

With regard to your cartridge, you can do a lot better than the Elys. My advice is to upgrade to an external phono preamp when you're ready, but audition a couple at a retailer or purchase with a 30 day trial period.
Once you’re pleased with the phonostage, a cartridge upgrade should be next.

Source first, a phonograph cartridge upgrade will get you much further down the road than an upgrade from the, already competent, phono stage in the Brio.
Many thanks for the replies, it has come about since reading some reviews etc and got me thinking about this when a Arcam rPhono was used with the Brio.

I am happy with the sound and enjoy what is played, vinyl sounds lovely and had listened to the Brio and Planar 3 with the Elys 2, I was a little skeptical with it after hearing what people had to say but for me (listening from Planar 1 upwards) this had a good sound as a whole.

The cart might be something that I upgrade but I have been looking at speakers recently also which will need to be in white as there appears to be more of a range these days compared to when I purchased mine.
Since you're pleased with your current system, your phonostage is fine. I agree with @viridian that a new  cartridge will be the most dramatic upgrade.

@viridian and @lowrider57 which one would you recommend I look at when the time comes?
I would simply ask what your musical taste is, if your records are newer, or vintage, with some wear, if you play primarily mono, or stereo records and if you use a record cleaner? The answers would help hone in on a good fit.

That said the usual suspects are Ortofon 2M Black and Bronze, Nagaoka 200 and 300, Rega Exact, Audio Technica 540ML, various Soundsmith models, and there are some really nice vintage models on the market from Stanton, Pickering, Shure, ADC, Acutex, Sonus and other manufacturers of yore, those these might be a bridge too far for you.
I listen to a various array of music, a lot are second hand and the others are new. Range from Jonathan Wilson to Dance to Elton John and Blue Oyster Cult etc.. I do use a record cleaner too. Stereo and Mono.

I guess a budget would need to be set as the choice could out cost the system?
The Nagaoka MP-200 is a nice cartridge under $400 and the AT 540ML is very good for around $250. The Nag is a bit warmer, the AT less so.

This gent seems to have had an extra cup of coffee, but if you can get past that, his analysis is always amusing:

@viridian many thanks for that he makes a good argument towards the MP-200, looks like I might head that way too.. I guess my budget would be around £500