Any Nagra Classic Amp or Classic Preamp owners out there willing to share their feedback

Looking to upgrade to Nagra Classic Amp x 2 and Classic Pre-amp from Audio Research REF160S and REF6SE. Current speakers are Wilson Alexia.  Current DAC Nagra Tube Dac.  Purchased a Nagra Tube Dac with Power Supply in December and WOW what a fantastic product.  I like it so much I am considering the switch mentioned above.  Would love to hear any feedback.

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I will say that adding the factory i/0 transformers for true balanced sound made a significant change in soundstage.

Sorry for the thread drift but transformers allow for XLR's but do not provide true balanced circuitry.

I have the different idea, you can keep audio research power amplifier and swap out audio research ref 6se. For me, that is a good plan finally. For you, you can just listen several days to see if you are satisfied with the combo.

Most of them, audio research made a very good power amplifier and their pre amplifier is somehow exaggerated in some way.