Any Music Hall Mambo Owners?


I am thinking about purchasing one. However, I can't find many threads/reviews regarding that integrated. That's why I would like to get some input from fellow Audiogon members who have some experience with the "Mambo".

Thank you so much in advance.

Keep the faith !
Tremondous sound for the money.Comes with isolation feet and heavy duty power cord.Great value and truly clean sound.May be a little light for some on bass.Will make any cd player sound better.Remote powers up and down the amp.Will also power up and down the maverick sacd player.Built to last forever.
Great Integrated amp. What is remarkable is not so much what you hear as what you don't. Works great with a relatively inexpensive DVD player with the Digital fed directly into the amp which has its own burr-brown DAC. I had real problems finding one. It seems that Music Hall has dropped this model for their receiver which operates in AB+ rather than in straight Class A output. If you can find one you should find it quite a nice unit, particularly for the price