Any Muddy Water acoustics CDs out there?

Can anyone recommend a Muddy Water (acoustics) CD? I'd been listening to Buddy Guy and Wells 's " Alone and Acoustics" and really like to find the same type with Buddy Guy (or any other blues -acoustics).

Also, what are your favorite Muddy Water's recordings? If I can find some good one -re-mastered, it would be superb.

Folk Singer a great piece of Muddy Water's music that fits the bill of what your looking for.
What Tireguy said.

Folk Singer sounds great, there is a cd of Muddy's Library of Congress recordings that has better music IMHO. Buddy Guy's Blues Singer is a nicely done acoustic recording - the sound quality is exceptional. You might want to check out Cephas and Wiggins; I really like Dog Days of August.
Folk Singer is great. Also, the Chess Box set of Muddy Waters is a must-have for every Muddy Waters fan. The
Chess Howlin' Wolfe and Sonny Boy Williamson Box
Sets should be on the short lists of every blues fan along with the Box set of Robert Johnson.
alvin youngblood hart is worth a listen
Try the Blue Hart Trio on Mapleshade Records, you might also look at the Burnside Records catalog, they have quite a few good acoustic blues.

The biggest problem with acoustic blues is recording quality, which is why I suggested the Mapleshade stuff first.

Csericks suggested Cephas & Wiggins, they have at least one thing recorded on Chesky, which is pretty good.

Weirdly enough some Hot Tuna and Jorma Kaukonen (sp?) fall into this category and you can find good quality recordings of them.
I'm with the others on Folk Singer. Try to find the Original Master Recording version-it's awesome. Buddy Guy plays acoustic guitar throughout. Willie Dixon on Bass (I think).
Muddy Waters' Folk Singer is also an SACD if you are interested.
I have been watching this thread for a few days. The problem is that I loaned my most recent Muddy Waters aquisition to a friend and I only just got it back today.

It is called 'Muddy & the Wolf'

guest artists include Eric clapton, steve Winwood, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Paul Betterfield, Mike Bloomfield, Otis Spann, Hubert sumlin, and Dick Lunn.

It is another Chess recording released on MCA. It was released in 1983 with the London Howlin Wolf Sessions. Great stuff. You won't be disappointed!