Any Modwright CXN v2 owners who want to share their experience?

I am interested in this mod and would like to know more information, first hand review/experience from current owners of this product Thanks .
I had a chance to borrow my friend's unit to listen in my system and was blown away. Didn't hear it prior to the mod but it's definitely the most organic, full sounding digital front end I've heard. Will probably be my next upgrade piece....

I will be receiving mine soon.  Can't wait to hear it. Currently I'm using am Audio GD r7 he mkii. This is a killer day. Blows Denafrips Terminator away. 

Have been using for about a week now. Sound quality is very clear, voice instrument separation and decay is very good. It's a definite improvement over the stock dac which was great to begin with. I'm using this with a Melody h6550 integrated and AQ Yukon rca. AQ carbon digital and AQ Rocket 44. Speakers are Kef r11. I was going to put in my main rig but it doesn't beat out my reference r2r dac. That is an Audio GD r7he mkii. I'm not much of a reviewer but the Truth Mod was money well spent.  My den is complete (for now).

@knighttodd How would you describe the difference vs the Audio GD? Also, what streamer are you pairing with it? My Modwright CXN improved with NOS tubes as well if you are still using the supplied JJ tubes from Modwright. 


@delvalle23 NOS Phillips 6922. Also, upgraded the fuse and grounded one of the digital inputs.


Compared to the Audio GD the Soundstage is much smaller and bass is not as pronounced on the CA truth mod. It sounds very good  but not as good. Still money well spent. It sounds great in my den. When I listen to my Audio GD  dac it's almost like I'm wearing headphones. The voices are dead center the music comes from all directions. The basement system consists of  an Roon Nuecleus feeding an BS node 2i with TeddyPardo power, AR ls28se pre, Audio GD r7he mkii, the speakers are Tyler Acoustics Halo Extreme.  I'm biamping them with an Parasond A21+ for the bass, and a Prima luna evo 400 for mids and treble. 3 SVS SB3000 subs. And a 12" ported Klipsch for good measure. ALL interconnect are balanced Kimber Hero and  a D60 digital cable. 2 SETS of AQ Rocket 88 speaker cables. Every thing has some form of vibration control and cables are elevated. This digital rig blows my vinyl away.  I'm happy with the  modwright mod but it's not getting the main stage in my rig.

@knighttodd I recently added a few additions to the Modwright CXN which significantly improved the unit. First I applied sound deadening material on the inside cover of the casing as it’s thin and prone to vibrations (recommended by Dan). Then I placed 3 Vibracone footers in a triangle formation with 2 in the front right underneath the transformers. This drains the vibrations caused by the transformers away from the chassis. Both of these changes increased the soundstage and dynamics significantly. The great thing is it only cost about $50 and less than an hour of effort!

Is this mod worth it though if you use an external DAC?

I’m not impressed with the stock DAC, my RME ADI blows it away. 

@blkwrxwgn No, all of the improvements from the Truth Mod are in the analog output stage.