Any modern SACD players with displays that show more than basic information?

I've been looking at various currently available SACD players from Marantz, Estoteric, Yamaha, etc., and I'm always disappointed in their displays.  They only seem to display the most basic information (track number and time...and that's about it).

I used to own a Sony SCD-XA777ES, and I loved the display on that (see link below).

It had a nice graphical representation of the total number of tracks on the disc that I particularly liked.

Are there any current SACD players which have something similar?
Oppo players list total number of tracks, show where the current track is time wise, type of recording, album art, etc..all on the attached monitor, not on the Oppo itself.
i liked my Sony SCD777ES SACD Player as it gave you the name of the song playing and which album it was from.  Sadly now my doctor uses it as his boat anchor. 
PS Audio Directstream system
If you can wait for a few weeks, this player is coming out: