Any Michael Buble fans here?

Been wearing out "It's time". One of our favorite CD's right now to just hang out and relax/listen to. With a 6 month old I don't get much time in the sweet spot but it's a well recorded, fun album that I bet some of you guys might like?
Yes - I'm told to stop playing it from time to time - amongst others....
I'm afraid I have to demur at Bublé appreciation. I'm not really sure why, but I just don't like his singing. I can't quite put my finger on it. In my mind I've lumped him with Charlotte Church, chant CDs, the Four Windbags,country singers doing standards, and, God help us, Rod Stewart's running amok in the American Songbook.
I have his last two cd's and I even bought them for my Mom for Mothers Day. She likes them too and called me when he was in that commericial were he sings Come Fly With Me for some airline. I like his latest one with Home.
Please, listen to Sinatra not an impersonator!
Hodie- you are so right. Personally, I do not like his singing at all, although I can understand why some might. I feel it sounds very forced, to me the way a bad actor plays a part (think Ben Afleck, in particular early Ben Afleck.) Want to know a funny little tid-bit? My barbers wife is best friends with his sister, and so I was offered tickets to his last Vancouver show. I think I'd rather listen to a BOSE system for an hour and a half. Just my oppinion.
Somehow I knew that this was going to be polarizing. What can I say, I like the CD. The band and other artists (Chris Botti) that accompany him are very talented in their own right.
I saw the movie "Down With Love" and liked his singing the soundtrack while watching the movie.

But I am with Hodie otherwise. I tried to listen to one of his CD's and I just can't quite get there. Like Hodie, not sure why. There is something missing.

Hodie did make a good companion list. It is really all those concerts on PBS. None of them are great singers or musicians (like Yani). It is all performance and effect (like a music theme park).

The 3 tenors can really sing, but what they do in those PBS concerts is really poor singing. They just scream like hell with way over the top vibrato. It is sad to me that they did those concerts. The public at large now thinks that what they heard is what great opera singing is.... NOT.... But I guess for them (the 3 tenors) the money is good....

Don't feel bad Matti. All that really matters is that you like it. What do we know anyway.....