Any Michael Bub'le fans.......

Just came across one of this guys CDs about a month ago, not a style (big band/bossa nova, jazzy) I would normally be into. Heard one Cd and bought everything he has out, now my present favorite artist.....nough said.
Been a fan for about 4 years. He is very Refreshing in a pleasant way. Not as packaged and overpromoted like many today. His lastest CD was done in the studio with all musicians present... No overdubs or special gimmicks. If someone made a mistake they started over and did it again. Each track was performed start to finish. Reminds me of the great crooners of the 50-60's. I'm glad you found him. You may want to check out Jane Monheit, Diana Krall and Joss Stone if you have not already. Happy Holidays!
Thanks Tom - what is that last one called?

Yes, very Frank Sinatra sound but better in the voice and great timing too with a nicer intimacy. Bubl'e got me interested in wanting to explore more of that big band sound so I picked up a Bobby Darren CD.....dreadful in comparison.
Diana Krall - now there's one that has me stumped. After I started getting into audio (in the last few months) I saw a lot of people on here talking about her. I bought some of her stuff - nicely recorded and good mellow music but I am struggling to see what the big deal is. The music is good but she really isn't that strong on the vocals, smooth to go with that sound yes, but to get to that level I just don't understand it. Maybe I just need more time and maybe a more open mind. Nora Jones is another one I picked up. First album I heard I liked but when you have heard one you have heard them all - very monotonous and yawn inducing. I consider myself pretty open-minded with my music but am also pretty critical....and curious, so I will check out Jane Monheit.
If you like Diana Krall you will probably like a lot of the Brazilian bossanova genre with that sophisticated sexy rhythm that only and nice light percussion that this country is famous for. Actually Michael Bubl'e has some of this on his albums, even sings in Portuguese.

Have a great Xmas Tom
I wish he could sing. I have seen him live in concert and he really is limited in ability. I do enjoy the music he does and all the ladies love him (cute) - so I got his latest CD for my Mom. If you like Buble then you will really enjoy Robbie Williams Swing when you're winning. Robbie has a voice that is almost as good as Sinatra.
Michael B. has a nicer voice than Frank Sinatra? Now i`ve heard it all
My friend Ron really likes him.
I saw Michael Bub'le sing the top ten list on Letterman and he really could sing! Pretty impressive.

I know nothing about his music however I just wanted to share...

As a matter of fact, I am wrapping up a Michael Buble stocking stuffer for my 75-year old stepfather, a former jazz drummer who has turned me on to all sorts of great musicians like Dinah Washington and Sarah Vaughn. I am also including a k.d. lang CD, who along with Diana Krall, is one of my favorites. Krall, like Sinatra, is a masterful phraser. Sounds very Star Trek. Phrasers on stun! Check out the "Girl in the Other Room CD. Also, the DVD of "Diana Krall Live in Paris" will make you fall in love after two songs. Jane Monheidt is very sweet and so is Norah Jones, but neither have the soul of Diana Krall.
Did someone really say Michael Buble has a better voice (or anything) than Frank Sinatra? Come on, that didn't just happen did it? So the guy who makes his living from being a Sinatra impersonator sounds better than the man he basically lip syncs?

Next an Elvis impersonator from a Vegas lounge is going to be getting recognition as better than Elvis?
Sinatra had perfect pitch! Don't need to say anything else ---------happy holiday to all --may want to check out Shelby Lynne--"just a little lovin " cd --great Dusty Springfield cover also well recorded.
Sorry, but the guy grates on my nerves. Hate his voice and his recycled attempts at Sinatra cool. There was but one Frank, everybody else should just move on. But that's what makes music great- to each his own!
my wife may leave me for him. nice enough singer with real charisma.
better than Sinatra? maybe not so much

I have to say I have recently become a fan, his recent songs are very enjoyable.
I to, when I first heard him thought "who is this Sinatra wannabe". Listened a bit more and I thought wow, maybe he is but you can't take it away from the guy. Sure Sinatra may be a huge legend but does that mean someone following him has to have less talent? Bubl'e surely did have the groundwork already laid out for him but he is a class act, more intimate than Sinatra, as good a voice and uses it perfectly. I knew a lot of the older folk on here would shudder at the thought that someone could be better than the guy they loved in their day but take away the "legend factor" and the truth becomes more clear. This same group would also say that Bobby Darren was a god. Pop in one of his CDs beside Bubl'e and see how red your face goes. I also expected a lot of the guys not to like him.........because all the ladies do.

Someone mentioned Nora Jones - a lot of fans on this site. Nice music, but when you have heard one you have heard them all. I bought my first Nora Jones recently and immediately went out and bought more - I thought I was listening to the same CD all over again. I have been delving into this genre a bit lately and the amount of Nora Jones wannabes out there...oh my.

Someone also insinuated that nobody is better than Elvis - same thing. Pick up anything from Jacky Wilson, better still, listen to Reet Petite (Wilson). Same style as Elvis. Ignore the legend factor and decide who just won Audiogon's Got Talent. It's a no brainer. Artists are like gear, or olympic athletes, someone is always going to come along and better what came before them. Yes, I was repulsed a bit when I heard my first Michael Bubl'e CD but after a few more listens I couldn't deny it, the guy is great. I actually had a little listening session with just Sinatra and Bubl'e with an open mind, sorry, Bubl'e came out tops.
One poster above said "there was but one Sinatra, now lets move on"
OK, Sinatra was god and there will never be another talent come along that can better him......there was only one Mark Spitz, now lets move on.
Sorry, but when it comes to artists it's absurd to say someone always comes along that's better. It's not athletics, it's art.
I thought talent had something to do with it. Willam Hung is an artist...does he have talent?
I quit. Enjoy Buble!
Buble is good, I enjoy him, Sinatra I grew up with and his voice started going by the 60's. After that it was his following not his voice. Just my opinion. early Sinatra is fine. Buble is here, now, and good, what more can one want.
Thomastrouble, I'm glad you like Buble, but you can't compare him to someone he is in essence an impersonator of. I agree someone can come along that is better, but this is like saying a Led Zeppelin tribute band is better than Led Zeppelin, that's where I was coming from with the Elvis comment.

Michael Buble is a well marketed lounge singer, no different than 100 others you would hear in Vegas, he just has better representation.
I am a HUGE Sinatra fan, but I have to agree with Uru975, the voice was going by the 60's. He was cool until the end, but the voice was long gone. Just my opinion, Merry Christmas to all and let's enjoy them both.
Thomas, Michaels newest cd is titled "Crazy Love". My next purchase will be Robbie Williams " Swing when you are winning", Check him out on you tube.
Thomas you may also like these balladeers:

Peter Cincotti

Michael Feinstein

Michael Ball
Thanks Tom, I will grab that and the Robbie Williams right after the holidays. I love to buy stuff I am not familiar with even though I end up not liking 70% of it, but the gems I do stumble across keep me happy for years and sometimes after a while I pop in some of the stuff I didn't like and surprise, surprise. Being open-minded is the big secret. It is important to experiment or you never know what you are missing. Previous to having my system (only a few months now) I was heavily into electronica, underground hip-hop, various rock and a bunch of alternative stuff (Tom Waits etc) it's all good though. I rarely listen to any of my previous tastes lately as the quality of the recordings have a big impact on my listening enjoyment. These days I am after well recorded music that I can get into and lucky enough I enjoy a whole range of stuff and the chase is as good as the kill.
Hey Tom, have you been reading my diary? (hehe). Can't believe you just said that - Peter Cincotti is playing this minute on my system!!!!....right as you sent this post off.
Never heard of the guy but picked up "East of Angel Town" on a whim a couple of weeks back and this fell way into the 30% of the stuff I ended up liking a lot. Great songs and done well and avoids the cheese factor. I intend getting more of his stuff on my next raid of the record store.
Now Michael Ball - was that the guy who used to sing in a bunch of west end type musicals etc, I am sure he is British. If so, back in the day when I lived in Ireland (I am Irish) he was a big name and could really yodel. Very good looking guy in those days too. Anyway, we used to have a weekly TV show called "Jim will Fix It" and the idea was that, say if you had always wanted to fly a plane, have dinner with a rock-star or whatever you could write in and Jim would try to fix it. Anyway, this nurse who worked in emergency wrote in saying she would love to meet Michael Ball. Jim set it up. He had Michael all bandaged up head to foot and he was rushed into the emergency room and the nurse proceeded to unwrap the bandages from his face - she nearly fainted. Very good set-up.
Anyway, I think you and me are on the same wavelength, so keep the recommendations coming.
Michael Bolton redux
Frankie Lymons

If you like romantic soulfull slowjam etc you may investigate some of my favorites.

Usher, Brian Mcknight, Gerald Levert, Maxwell, Keith Sweat and Montell Jordan. Many of their songs also contain excellent bass and very good percussion and rhythm lines. All are great singers in their field. Please no flames I did not say they were Sinatra or Cole, but very respectable in their genre.

If you like 70-80's remember Eric Carmen, Richard Marx, Harry Nilsson, Otis Redding, Paul Anka and Robert Guillet (sp)??
I heard Bubble plenty of times, but Frank is Frank, not the greatest range in the world, but great non-the-less.