Any merits of getting a Krell FPB 200 C with my existing KRC

Hi just wondering about the merits of upgrading my old KSA 200 S to a FPB 200 C but matching it with my old KRC - the current KCT is just too costly. Are there any merits to getting the Cast tchnology for the FPB 200 C when my preamp doesn't support it?

My other option is to plonk dowwnwards and trade in the KSA 200 S and the KRC for an integrated KAV 300iL - will I expeience a significant drop in sound quality that I'm used to?

Speakers are Acoustic Energy AE 1's which could be a tad bright.

Any feedback much appreciated.
I can only comment on the 300's and not the 200's.
I own both the KSA300's and the FPB300. I use them in a biamped configuration with the PFB on top. I have compared them not in the bi-amped situation, and the FPB blows away the KSA. My preamp was the Krell KBL. Go for the upgrade (but maybe with a non "C" version to save money).
I agree with Drrdiamond; I have compared an older KSA to the FPB300 (which I bought). I prefer the FPB. You also get a very sophisticated set of microprocessors that do surge protection, short-circut protection, and will shut the amp down if it overheats (it must have to be on fire for that to happen!). I also have a FPB250Mc for my center channel. I think from an ergonomic aspect, I would prefer a set of the monoblocks rather than the 110 lb. stereo amp. I haven't really compared sound between the two so I won't comment. As Drrdiamond said, if you aren't going to use the cast technology, you might as well save the money and buy the non-cast, older version. I would bet you could get a pair of 250Mc's for $6000 or pick up a FPB300 for $4000. The $2000 might be better used else where in your system but that's your call.

Good luck!

Two very good points made above. I would say go for the cast version. This is your hobby and you just like me and every other nut out there is always going to upgrade. So I say get the best you can get for the money and build your upgrades around that. Yes there is a diffrence between the ksas and the fpbs the fpbs sound much much better. I had a ksa 150 which was a nice amp. Then I had a Levinson 331 Another nice amp Then I went to a Levinson 335 one of the best amps I have ever heard Now I have a Krell Fpb 200c and that is one of the best amps I have ever heard. Not as layered as the levinson but it sounds great. The Levinson had more space between musicians than the krell but the krell brings the music in your home.
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Krell Fpb 200c
Mark Levinson 39 cd player
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Harmonic tech. cables

Good Luck Email me if I can be of help
I owned the FPB300 amp and it was superior to my older KSA250. I next purchased the FPB600 and it blew away the 300. I spoke with Steven at Krell about updating the 600 to the CAST and he mentioned the CAST has different audio boards that can improve sound without using CAST interconnects, but really improves the sound when used with CAST cabling. Well, I upgraded the 600 and it did indeed sound a little better, but not substantially. I had a good year last year before the market tanked and I dumped the 600 and bought some 650MC's off this site and a demo KPS-25SC playback system. I found some CAST cable interconnects by Transparent for around $300 and I must say, Dan is on to something. The speed, transient attack, dynamics etc. were excellent. I had been using Transparent Reference balance interconnects, but the CAST really gave them a run for their money. The Transparent was better in bass detail than the CAST on my Wilson 5.1's. The CAST was superior in midrange clarity and detail on my setup. I hope it helps. I agree with the others about buying used on this site. You may save some money. By the way, I had a KRC-HR before the KPS-25sc and it's still a fantastic pre.
I doubt you would experience a substantial loss of sound quality with the integrated in place of the separates. However, Krells are not particularly suited to bright speakers in any case, which is possibly why you're not happy with your setup?
Some of the slightly richer sounding electronics, electrocompaniet, plinius might do the trick.
Or, geez, find yourself a lower powered tube amp and enjoy the sound. After three years listening to a modified counterpoint amplifier, I do not think I could go back to a solid state setup without ear bleed!
Thanks guys for your response so far.

To Tacs: Not that I'm unhappy with my current setup but the KSA keeps blowing and I'm fed up with having to get it repaired. The reason for moving to the integrated was to make things simpler. The reason I mentioned the brightness of the speaker is b/c they are of the metal dome tweeter variety and was told that the older Krell kAV 300 i was in fact bright especially in the mids and treble and was wondering about the current incarnation.

To Audionut: Actually my preamp is the plain KRC and not the HR - it was a bummer as I bought it before they changed to the HR version and my dealer didn't infrom me of the upgrade option. Can't afford the KCT at the moment or would have gone for the CAST kaboodle since I've heard raves about it. Did Steven indicate to you if there will be a cheaper version of the KCT out? Seems like the consensus is that Cast technology doesn't really matter unless you are using Cast cables. Also was worried that the current generation may be replaced soon. Krell seem to replace their products every 3 years or so and the current generation FPB C's are probably fast approaching that.

To Lev355: Did you audition a non cast version of the FPB 200 with the current cast versions?

But I guess my ultimate thought is with times so tough out there - I'm OK personally but still do not want to indulge in conspicuous consumption - would moving from separates to the integrated give me a setup I wouldn't be able to accept. In this respect, anyone who has auditioned the separates with the integrated would be a great help.


Go for the FBP-200c. I started with 300I int amp traded for a KAV-250a---what a difference. Then I upgraded to a FBP-200c with my KRC-3--could not believe what I was hearing. Go for the best possibe amp you can and build your system around it. I happen to think Krell products sound so great, worth every dollar you spend.You will not be dissapointed!!