Any member compare PassLabs 30.8 to Accuphase A-36

I am planning to purchase a 30 watt Class A solid state amplifier for a system I am improving. My preamp is an Audio Research PS-9 with Joseph Chow improvements, an Esoteric SA-50 transport and DAC and presently Klipsch REF II.

My present amplifier is a Yamaha B-2 and a McIntosh 250. We like the spaciousness of the B-2 more than the 250.

I have read reviews and technical data on both the 30.8 and the Accuphase A-36. I have no way to listen to either amp. Both are the present state of the art for the given company.

I would appreciate insights or experiences of members with either model, or especially anyone who has listened to the two side by side.

The majority of our music is piano, acoustic guitar, jazz and some new age and rock.

Thank you. Michael