Any Meat Puppets Fans Out There?

I fairly recently discovered these guys and they get alot of play on my system and in my car. IMHO their best albums were "Up On The Sun" and "Mirage" released in the mid-80's. Now they've just released an album called "Volcano". At $9.99 from Long Beach Records you can't beat it and its great! Curt Kirkwood is terrific with a guitar. Any one else heard it?
One of the best live bands EVER! Curt Kirkwood is a guitar god. He used to say that his brother Chris (bass) was a better guitarist than he. Unfortunately, their studio albums were generally sleepy in comparison with their live performances, and they never quite busted out.
Nirvana Unplugged has their 'Lake of Fire' on it.

I was always amazed that they played everything live twice as fast as on the albums, and Curt would sing an octave higher, and wank far more on the guitar. They were an amazing band.

One of the best tours, circa 1986:
Meat Puppets
The Minutemen
Husker Du

No Joke!
Agree with you both 100%. Also think Meat Puppets II is good. Saw them with Camper Van Beethoven in 1985 or 1986 at a small venue in Fresno, CA and they were indeed hot. But so were Camper Van Beethoven. A great gig.
The above bands are some of my favourites as well and a great time and place in music. The small venue shows of the 80's were excellent. I found some the best live performances were by fIREHOSE.

The Meat Puppet Rykodisc remasters with extra tracks are a worthwhile upgrade from the original SST release.
I found them through the Nirvana Unplugged....bought a few discs. Some cool music for sure.
My favorites are Up on the Sun and Forbidden places. One of the few bands I can listen to in any mood.
incredible, albeit troubled band. to my ears, meat puppets ii and up on the sun were their classics; after that they aspired to sound like their idols, zz top, and to actually sing in tune. seen 'em live a bunch of times--they could be fantastic or horrendous, sometimes within the same show. curt kirkwood really is a guitar god.
I saw them tour with REM around their Monster album. Very good live. I think they defined the cow punk genre with the Beat Farmers.
Say who??
I agree with loomisjonnson about meat puppets II and up on the sun but mirage and huevos are credible, although I found the change of style not exactly to my taste. Probably the only live show I've walked out of. After some moments genius they went on and on and on at the end of a show at Mcabe's with Spot on the ukulele.
I love a lot of that early to mid 80's SST stuff, Minutemen are one of my favorites! I saw the Meat Puppets a few years ago and was really disappointed, perhaps it was bad timing within their tour, but they seemed to just be going through the motions and they were super loose, some songs they didn't even finish. My brother who's a bigger Puppets fan than I am finally looked over at me and nodded towards the door, we ended up leaving before they even finished it was that bad. Still love the records though!