Any MC-1 Fans out there ?

Considering buying one and would like personal input as to the MC-1's musical abilities as well as HT! How will it match up with B&W N803's. How about amp recommendations ?
I recently replaced my MC1 with Meridians new 568. Tremendous musical improvement!!! Smoother, more dynamic, tons more bass extension, and unbeleivable image and soundstage. The Lex still has a far better user interface, and more overall flexibility, but if sound is #1, no contest! The Lexicon is an awesome piece, and it will open your eyes to what multichannel music can do, but I still prefer the 568 for overall sound quality. As far as amps go, it just depends on your wants and tastes. And budget! Anything from a big 5ch (like B&K's new reference 4420) to multiple amps (proceed HPA's or the like) would be good--audition carefully!! Cables will also change the character. Good luck!
I own this MC-1 for a few months now and really really love it. For home theater it's a killer, for music it sounds excellent to me eventhough everyone says it's not good for music. The Meridian 561 will be better for music but again I don't have the audiophile ear to tell that. What do you have now?