Any Massive Attack Fans Out There?

I've been hearing rumors of a new MA album for a year now (something was due last Fall, then delayed to Spring '07), but nothing has been released. Does anybody have any news on when they might be releasing a new CD?
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A quick search yielded only Massive Attack "Gift Pack" which seems to be a CD/DVD package, due out on October 30, 2007. None of the sites say whether this is new material or repackaged, best-of stuff. You can pre-order it on Amazon, or your favorite online mega-store.

In a recent interview it was suggested the album was to be pushed back to late 07' but I've heard nothing since then. I actually saw them in Toronto last Oct/Nov I believe which is strange as they'd normally tour a record as opposed to just playing old tunes. The show was amazing and had as much presense as a Pink Floyd show I attended years ago.
Have you purchased the Grant Marshall disc Daddy G?

It has my favorite rendition of Unfinished Sympathy. Nothing quite as visceral on any of their discs.