any Marillion Fans?

I used to listen to them a lot back in Cuba during college,
since I came to America 8 years ago, I haven't met anyone really into this kind of music.
Yes, I'm a Marillion fan, too. I love prog-rock, been listening ever since the early 70s. If you like Marillion, you might want to check out Iluvatar, a band out of Balto., MD As I recall...

I like the Fish era.
I join ur crowd of Marillion fans.
I consider them 'derivatives' of Genesis though.
Fish era is only Marillion for me as well.
Interesting post. It just so happens that I am the new (about a year now) lead singer of Iluvatar, the band mentioned by RlWainwright. Our band is more mainstream prog rock, similar to Marillion; often compared to Genesis, Rush, Yes or even Kansas.
I like them - both eras
Marillion without Fish is just like Genesis without Pete Gabriel. Gosh, they're so similar and yet love them both.
The fish era for me. I haven't listened to them for a while though. "Fugazi" I remember being a good album at the time. Loved "sugar mice in the rain" too from "clutching at straws".
Like both eras,Marbles is one of their best,the guitar sounds so much like David Gilmour. Yeah they do tip their hat to Genesis though. Try a band called IQ, The Wake is a great album.
Marillion fan here :) I'm actually watching the Bluray "Live From Cadogan Hall" right now... I grew up listening to Marillion but just a little... Now I can't stop listening to the Live From Cadogan... I liked Fish, but I really Like Steve Hogarth's vocals and his style... What a nice clean recording this is... Sounds darn good... I only got into Marillion because a guy I used to hang out with has loved Marillion since I've known him... Great musicians!!! Best of all, MOG has this recording :)
What hooked me? Their album covers. Finally, I snagged a few NM copies from my local 1/2 Price Books. Great music too! They now adorn my walls as well.
I have not heard either band,but they sound interesting.I will give them a listen!
I grew up in Eastern Europe in the '80s and "Kayleigh" and "Lavender" were huge hits. I've had a sweet spot for them ever since, but stopped following them after Fish left. Once I got into analog a few years ago, I've acquired double copies of all of their records with Fish, and love listening to them on my vinyl rig. They are very well recorded, perhaps a bit hot on the vocals on "Fugazi," but otherwise top notch. I also think Steve Rothery is a very underrated guitar player. His solos on "Fugazi" and "Misplaced Childhood" are first-rate. Finally, their cover artwork is in my top three next to Santana and Moody Blues, probably my favorite.
Both eras are amazing. I grew up with Fish though. Hogart is probably one of the most underrated singers in current prog scene. Brave.....that's one epic album. I can probably talk Marillion all day long like the biggest nerd ever. hit me up if you're into this band. :)
I like all their albums, but return most often to the 2009 reunion "Less is More". This album's stripped-down rearrangements of material collected from their 1995-2001 albums sheds the pimpliness of the prog rock era to reveal underlying song forms of stunning purity.
I must mention this: I never understood why "Tux On" never made it onto "Clutching at Straws." This is one of the best Marillion songs, if not one of the best songs of the decade.
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