Any major-mag review of Coincident's line-stage?

I'm curious. Has anyone seen a full-featured review of Coincident's line-stage pre in any of the major mags - TAS, Stereophile, etc?
No, I don't believe so, which is a real shame. I have owned one for a year now and I am amazed by it's performance. There's always the " WORLD'S FIRST REVIEW" on
stereomojo's website though.
Coincident is not interested in the mag reviews from what I have heard.

Happy Listening.
Here's a review from Enjoy The Music.
In my dealings with Israel, he does not appear to suffer from any lack of confidence in how his gear stacks up with the competition. In a sense, we might all be better off if designers chased better designes as opposed to better reviews.

He has enjoyed stellar reviews on the total extremes and his amps in the last few years. My guess is that someone will get around to doing the Line Stage before too long.

I've got one on its way, in the process of clearing customs in Detroit as I write. The lack of a TAS review didn't deter me from giving the line stage a try.