Any Magma fans out there ?

Just wondering if there are any Agoners fans of this great french band.
Saw them at Nearfest in June for the first time and was blown away!!! What a performance!!! Bought their DVD.
Let me see... My list here says I've got:

Magma: 1001 Degrees Centigrade
Magma: Attahk
Magma: Attahk (JVC 20bit)
Magma: Inedits
Magma: Kobaia (2CD)
Magma: Kohntark/Hhai ("Live", 1975) (2CD)
Magma: Kohntarkoz
Magma: Live (JVC 20bit)
Magma: Magma (2CD)
Magma: Mekanik Destructiw Kommandoh
Magma: Udu Wudu
Magma: Udu Wudu (JVC 20bit)

and "Udu Wudu" on vinyl also. They're damn close to my favorite band on earth. You MUST go out and treat yourself to the JVC (Japanese) 20-bit CD remasters in the mini LP packaging, you won't be sorry. Duanegoosen is also in the know... and I know he was at Nearfest '03.

What can I say, they are one of my top 5 favorite band of all time.
Missed them for a few days while on vacation in Paris, but I´ve been twice standing outside the place where they ussualy play: Le Trianon.

I´m also planning to buy the DVD soon, any comments on it ?

Great collection you've got there Mwilson....I like to put some descent volume in the stereo, put the lights out and fly.

Would greatly reccomend listening to Ars Nova a trio of japanese girls that really kick some ass.

How about Art Zoyd??!!
You´re right Mike...Art Zoyd should definetly be inlcluded in the list.