Any Luxman VS-300 Vacuum pump experts out there?

Just bought a second PD-300 / VS-300 combo as is basically to get the pump for my first PD-300. No suction, but the pump seems to be running fine, timer cycles off and hoses all appear fine.The clear internal pump housing had a couple of the corners broken off. I reglued them and made sure this was airtight. With the help of the service manual /exploded diagram I was able to download I verified that all the hoses were in the correct places. I also took the pump apart and made sure the diaphragms were in good shape, which they are. The pump appears to blow plenty of air, and if I am "reverse engineering" this right the unused outlets of the pump should create a vacuum inside the pump housing. Can anyone think of anything that I haven't? Any personal experiences with these? Possibly anyone in the US that might service these? Thanks in advance.
I had problems with mine, took a long time to fix one and I don't think I used the vacuum on the second, And this was when they were current. My own advice would be to get a good record weight and investigate to see if anyone is making a reasonable priced ring clamp that would fit. They are good tables and worth using weather or not you can get the vacuum working.
I recently got hold of a mint PD350 as well. Unfortunately the VS-300 did not come with it. If any of you guys know how to build a vacuum suction pump for the Luxman or where to find a VS-300, I would really appreciate if you can pass on your knowledge. Cheers guys!