Any lucky Xindak SCD-2 owners here?

Man! What a great SACD/CD player!
Im wondering what other owners are using for a power cable and interconnects for this fine player.
I have the original version with the copper lining and tranny cover.The software glitch was corrected.It works perfectly.
I have Tesla E88CC/6922's in mine.
What are others using with good results?
Thanks for any and all feedback.
The Xindak gold works well with it actually. I have the ic sc and pcs in a system with the Xundak sacd player and it is an outstanding player for the rediculous street price.

There is a poster at the Digital-SACD forum over at who is a big fan of the Xindak and may be willing to assist. The poster goes by name of "Theresa."

Regards, Rich