Any love for the Phillips GA212 or 312?

Back in the day I was mighty impressed by these tables.

Years later I bought one inexpensively, and not nearly as impressed
Used a GA 312 with Stanton carts for 17 years.  Very enjoyable sound matched with a Phiilips FA 960 and original Misson 70 speakers.
I owned a 212 from the mid 70's until about '83, and I really enjoyed it.  It replaced my first "real" TT -a Dual 1015; and it was replaced by my first "high end" TT - a Linn LP12 with Basik arm.  I have fond memories of the Phillips - - really liked the auto-shut off feature when the arm tracked into the deadwax - - but I've upgraded a few time since and doubt that I would be happy with it today.
I had the 212 as a teenager and loved it. I wish I had it today for nostalgia reasons.

That's funny rshak, I also went from my terrific 312 to an LP 12 w/Basik arm and Shure V15xMR cart.
I still have my GA-312 which I bought new back in the early 70's.  It is one of three turntables I currently own,  It doesn't get used much.  It has been replaced by my a Victor TT-81 and the VPI Aries.  It was and is an very good TT and does look very cool!

The Phillips GA312 was the TT that got me back into vinyl. I too enjoyed the touch sensitive buttons. Mine had a Grado Blue cart on it. Quite an enjoyable set up to me.