Any love for the new Elvis Costello?

Just picked up EC new disc today- this guy keeps getting better. Any thoughts?
Me too! Only managed to get through half of it so far, but took a look at the lyrics. Sounds very intriguing - I only heard that much in my car so I can't speak to quality of recording yet. Did you catch any of his Spectacles shows where he interviews all kinds of musical folks? Really piqued my interest in him and his music.
this guy keeps getting better. Any thoughts?

I would imagine that his wife of about 5 years (Diana Krall) has been a good influence!

-- Al :)
I like it alot, too, having listened about 4 times through.
I'm an EC fan since the very beginning. Looking forward to the new music. I hope it's in vinyl. I tried to watch the Spectacle show, but couldn't choke it it down.
Hard to go wrong with Elvis Costello and the likes of this backing group - Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan and other notable studio musicians
I like this, as it reminds me of King of America and Almost Blue from many decades ago. It is tad on the slow side. My favorite 2009 Americana albums of the moment are by Neko Case and Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women.
It's full of poised, unfrenetic arrangements using mostly acoustic instruments. Good SQ on double vinyl. Very refreshing with obvious T-Bone influences.
You'll like this:


I`m a big fan of Elvis. Have seen him 3 times at The Ryman in Nashville Tn. The new cd is great. Looking forward to getting the vinyl.