Any love for Talon Raven-c speakers?

I just purchased a used set of Talons. I’m planning on pairing them with an older Classe S-700 amp. My source is an OPPO UDP 205 player. My question is, sight unseen, unheard, am I going to be disappointed?

I also have a Coda CSIB integrated. I will play with the combo.

Does anyone have Talons? What to expect?




Right close to 92 db efficient. They are a LARGE 2 way. 
19hz-25khz… supposedly.

my next speakers are going to be open baffled..

Yeah, they try and get the large woofer to go higher than it should by putting it in an isobaric enclosure. Which does improve speed but does not turn it into a midrange. So the midrange comes off sounding pretty good and smooth because it is all the same driver, but a bit recessed or down in level, because the driver is too big and massive for the job. 

That is what they did with Khorus, only with the additional super-tweeter for improved imaging. But the same recessed midrange. The Firebird solved this problem but cost a lot more. Nowadays it is shocking what you can get for a couple grand from Tekton, much better and a fraction of the price. 

Open baffle you eliminate the cabinet but are still using the same old driver technology. 

I had a pair in early 2000's I bought used and only ever ran them with a Pass X250 amp, Pass preamp and various CDP's.  I really enjoyed them.  Great sounding, powerful bass, good highs and mids - not harsh or fatiguing, at least with my setup.  They went plenty LOUD without any breakup whatsoever.  Eventually bought the huge aluminum floors spikes from Talon which made a nice difference.  No regrets I just moved on like we all do at some point.  Enjoy!

“ Nowadays it is shocking what you can get for a couple grand from Tekton,. “


Oh The Irony 🤣