Any love for Rogue Audio Apollo Dark monoblocks?

This is more of a casual question.  In my research and audition of loudspeakers these past few months, I've also taken note of the brands that dealers use/sell.  Even before I considered building a nice two channel rig, I liked Rogue Audio. However, Rogue Audio is noticeably absent. Their top of the line monoblocks, the Apollo Dark, look sexy and ominous, all at the same time.  In a conversation with a Rogue representative some time back, he described one of his all time favorite systems as Magnepan 20.7s, driven by the Apollos with a big pair of subs.  Anybody here have the Apollo Dark mono amps or have experience with them?  Thanks in advance.
I listened to a pair of Rogue Apollo Darks connected to a pair of Vandersteen Quattro Wood Ct loudspeakers. All I can say is wow, what a beautiful combination. To me, the Rogue mono's sound wonderful.
I own a pair of Apollos with some upgrades (almost the same as the Darks). They drove my Evolution Acoustics MM3s very well, lots of clean power. I replaced them with a pair of LR Audio Kronzilla DXLs, BIG improvement in overall sound, but the Rogues are more powerful. It depends on your speakers sensitivity, I guess...
Sorry for the typo, KR Audio Kronzilla DXL.
like @mr_m i have heard them driving both Vandersteen Quattro and 7 - excellent sound
give Bruce a call at Stereo Unlimited in San Diego a call...he carries many amps, will give you unvarnished input
Rogue Audio Apollo Dark driving Revel Salon 2 - good match? Any user experience?