Any love for newer Krell amps?

I recently bought a Krell Duo 175 xd power amp, after debating between it and a less expensive Coda power amp.  I was not able to hear either amp so I based my decision on the recommendation of a dealer who sells both.  I’m liking the Krell very much. I’ve seen a lot on this forum about Coda amps but almost nothing about Krell.  Any Krell owners, enthusiasts or even detractors out there?
Any love for newer Krell amps?

Since Dan D’Agostino left in 2009 not much, slow decay I feel. next (horror) they may start using Mosfets!!

Cheers George
Would a Krell amp work with a Modwright tube preamp and Dynaudio Special 40s?
Dynaudio loves power. Powerfull amps just makes sing dynaudio:)
Driving contour s1.4le with krell kav500i (similar to your special40s) very good combination
The XD generation Krell is a significant improvement in musicality, I've heard enough of their latest kit at shows to say nice job Walter and the Krell design team!
I upgraded my system last year; went with a Foundation 4K (demo piece from my dealer’s personal system), and a NIB Chorus 7200XD.  Driving a 5.2 arrangement of B&W 802 D3, HTM2, and 805 D3, with two SVS SB16 Subs.  It’s an outstanding combo...  visitors jaws drop when they check it out...  “I’ve never heard anything like this” is a common response.  That is, up until the system developed some low level static in the right rear channel for 10-15 minutes, and while I was inspecting the wiring at the speaker, the amp shutdown and displayed “Power Supply Fault Chnl 5”.  I power cycled it with the A/C, and it remained in protect mode but this time displaying “High DC Output Chnl 5”.  It’s currently boxed up awaiting a RMA from Krell.  At 125lbs boxed up, UPS has quoted me $405 to ship it (insured) from Louisiana to Connecticut.  I’ve asked Krell if they will print a label and allow me to pay for it, as I feel certain they get a better prices via contract.

I’m not mad; rather just disappointed; every electronics manufacturer is going to have a bad part every now and again; this is just bad luck.  It will be interesting to see how fast they turn it around once it arrives at their facility.
I now have two Krell.
KAV 400xi.
Duo 300 XD.
The KAV 400 sounds old fashioned to my ears. Soft poor bass articulation lacks definition smooth maybe rolled off. So it will go into a second system unless anyone here wants it. It has been fully upgraded. PM me.
I haven’t heard the 300 yet.
My preferred system and sound I guess rests on the PassLabs XA25. A powerful control and transparent amp that drives my horns and PMC MB2SE equally well.