Any love for newer Krell amps?

I recently bought a Krell Duo 175 xd power amp, after debating between it and a less expensive Coda power amp.  I was not able to hear either amp so I based my decision on the recommendation of a dealer who sells both.  I’m liking the Krell very much. I’ve seen a lot on this forum about Coda amps but almost nothing about Krell.  Any Krell owners, enthusiasts or even detractors out there?
i think under walter s they are on a comeback with the current models great sounding. be happy. it’s good stuff. 
I heard them at a 'Vegas T.H.E. show (around 2014) and liked them VERY much. Excellent solid-state amps.
Well, with the newer models, the expensive heat sinks of some of the more recent previous models have been replaced with fans, many don’t double down into 4 Ohms, and none are rated into 2 Ohms anymore.
So what were the differences between the CODA (#8?) and the Krell 175xd that made you choose the Krell. I gather for the KEF Reference 5?
Each? I personally would never want to go less than 50 lbs per channel.
The Krell weighs 60 pounds total. 
Honestly, I was not able to hear either the Krell or Coda. Both were highly recommended by the same dealer (Dave Lalin) but he had a higher recommendation for the Krell despite the higher price.  He arranged for the CEO of Krell to call me and discuss the amps features which was very helpful.  I also spoke to the top guy at Coda who was equally helpful. Both seem to be good companies.  In the end, I relied on the recommendation of a dealer who knows my system, has a good ear and sells both products.  So far, I’m happy.  And I wouldn’t go along with some arbitrary weight requirement.  The Krell does have fans which presumably replace some heavy heat sinks. The fans are virtually noise free.  
In the end, I relied on the recommendation of a dealer who knows my system, has a good ear and sells both products.
No disagreement on your choice, with a statement that really lends weight to your decision.+28 kilos.A phone call from the CEO - priceless.
Honestly, I was not able to hear either the Krell or Coda. Both were highly recommended by the same dealer (Dave Lalin) but he had a higher recommendation for the Krell despite the higher price. He arranged for the CEO of Krell to call me and discuss the amps features which was very helpful. I also spoke to the top guy at Coda who was equally helpful. Both seem to be good companies. In the end, I relied on the recommendation of a dealer who knows my system, has a good ear and sells both products. So far, I’m happy. And I wouldn’t go along with some arbitrary weight requirement.
Right. Of course not. That would be silly.

To go along with the recommendation of a dealer, and a manufacturer, sight unheard, that’s eminently sensible due diligence.

And yet, the line I will always savor is:
Both were highly recommended by the same dealer (Dave Lalin) but he had a higher recommendation for the Krell despite the higher price.
The dealer had a higher recommendation DESPITE the higher price. Wow. Whatever you do, stick with Dave. He really knows his customers!

millercarbon-I really appreciate your sarcasm. You obviously are a very nice person (couldn’t resist emulating your sarcastic example).  
i have the Krell Duo300 XD and it was a nice improvement over a Parasound A21+, which was equal to a prima luna HP, which was much nicer than a 200wpc McIntosh integrated amp. The Krell does use fans instead of having the large heat sinks. They power up when the amp has a high load and turn off as soon at the load drops back down
The Krell amps all come down to speaker matching.  I heard Krell power Sonus Fabers and I was floored by the sound.  All Krell system.  The older KSA-50s were excellent amps.  In a recent interview, Dan (no longer with Krell) mentions about them and how is now builds amps for musicality versus specs.

Own a Krell Theater 7 and Foundation 4K.  Took the plunge and upgraded the amp to the XD version last year.  I experienced a major failure with an SMT resistor that was installed as part of the XD upgrade.  Krell management and customer service could not have been more apologetic or helpfull.  Made it right for me.  Krell customer for life!  

Amp and processor paired with Sonos Farber speakers in a 5:1 system.
millercarbon-I really appreciate your sarcasm. You obviously are a very nice person (couldn’t resist emulating your sarcastic example).
Appreciate your projection. (See now that is sarcasm) But its called wit.
On which pjr801 has me beat all to hell:
A phone call from the CEO - priceless.
Brevity is the soul of wit.

Carbon posts are lighter than most other equally sized posts.
 Now get back to your Boots Randolph.

Here is my 2 cents - I have used Krell integrated amps for over 15 years. My oldest Krell KAV 400 xi just died. 

I replaced it with the new Krell integrated - K 300i two months ago. It uses the XD amp design and puts out 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 300 watts per channel into 4 ohms. It pushes my Maggie 1.7is very well. No fans are used to cool the integrated amp. I have a bigger sound stage and way more detail especially in vocals. My second system uses the Krell Integrated - S550i. This design precedes the XD design. The new Krell sounds better in my main system. 

Krell’s new XD amp design is an advancement -IMO - in quality sound. Per Krell the amp runs longer in Class A power before is goes to Class AB - and i can hear the difference.

To Krell’s credit - they tried to repair my 15 year old KAV 400 xi. I ran up an $800 bill on these repairs and the Amp was still ‘not stable’. They gave me a credit so I could apply it to their new integrated amp. I bought the new Integrated Amp and I cannot be happier.

you have to put a value on a manufacturer that stands behind their equipment and works hard to keep their customers happy.

Happy listening
There is always an adjustment when your founder and designer leaves. Look at Levinson. Krell will never die. Todays gear is excellent. Danny boy is gone. Move on folks. 
Any love for newer Krell amps?

Since Dan D’Agostino left in 2009 not much, slow decay I feel. next (horror) they may start using Mosfets!!

Cheers George
Would a Krell amp work with a Modwright tube preamp and Dynaudio Special 40s?
Dynaudio loves power. Powerfull amps just makes sing dynaudio:)
Driving contour s1.4le with krell kav500i (similar to your special40s) very good combination
The XD generation Krell is a significant improvement in musicality, I've heard enough of their latest kit at shows to say nice job Walter and the Krell design team!
I upgraded my system last year; went with a Foundation 4K (demo piece from my dealer’s personal system), and a NIB Chorus 7200XD.  Driving a 5.2 arrangement of B&W 802 D3, HTM2, and 805 D3, with two SVS SB16 Subs.  It’s an outstanding combo...  visitors jaws drop when they check it out...  “I’ve never heard anything like this” is a common response.  That is, up until the system developed some low level static in the right rear channel for 10-15 minutes, and while I was inspecting the wiring at the speaker, the amp shutdown and displayed “Power Supply Fault Chnl 5”.  I power cycled it with the A/C, and it remained in protect mode but this time displaying “High DC Output Chnl 5”.  It’s currently boxed up awaiting a RMA from Krell.  At 125lbs boxed up, UPS has quoted me $405 to ship it (insured) from Louisiana to Connecticut.  I’ve asked Krell if they will print a label and allow me to pay for it, as I feel certain they get a better prices via contract.

I’m not mad; rather just disappointed; every electronics manufacturer is going to have a bad part every now and again; this is just bad luck.  It will be interesting to see how fast they turn it around once it arrives at their facility.
I now have two Krell.
KAV 400xi.
Duo 300 XD.
The KAV 400 sounds old fashioned to my ears. Soft poor bass articulation lacks definition smooth maybe rolled off. So it will go into a second system unless anyone here wants it. It has been fully upgraded. PM me.
I haven’t heard the 300 yet.
My preferred system and sound I guess rests on the PassLabs XA25. A powerful control and transparent amp that drives my horns and PMC MB2SE equally well.
I give them credit for using a variable bias system, but really wish it had a user option to remotely select efficiency vs sound quality. I think they still burn too much power for casual listening or HT. I'd love to hear the new versions, but haven't had the chance.

Climate Change is real and some models are starting to predict much faster warming. We should all be aware, and make the best decisions we can.
OP. If you like it, you like it. Why not just enjoy? The only way to know if you like something else better is to try it in your system. If you do want to try something else and are shopping for opinions, then you'll get more constructive feedback by saying want you feel like you're missing (or want more of) with the Krell. Otherwise, congrats on your purchase. It's good you're not on here posting "what's wrong with my gear??" That's a win for both you and Krell.
I’ve owned Krell, and others, for thirty years. I can’t say enough good things about their customer service and sq, especially with the XD upgrade. Currently, I am pairing Krell 575 XD monoblocks with ML 13a, Don Sachs tube preamp and PS Audio as source. Always a joy. 
I'm a big Krell fan so hope company regains iold glory.    My audiophile  baptism was purchasing 1st Krell amp that was 25% of my gross annual salary but so many fond memories.   It was sad when Dan was kicked out ....   Momentum is my favorite SS amp and waiting for Krell to make one someday.
You simply cannot beat the performance of the recent lineup of Class A KRELL CD amps. Utterly musical and breathtaking ability to soundstage and present distortion free music.  Take it from a Krell customer who has owned the big “muscle cars” of their amps like the 400 FPB CX. So congratulate yourself for a great decision. 
My decision was based on hearing their new integrated amp at a trade show. At only 150 wpc it BLEW ME AWAY. So I proceeded to buy the 300 XD Duo AND their 5 channel 5200 XD. BOTH FAR exceeded my highest expectations. 
Sorry, but in reviewing I post I caught a minor typo. Sb “XD,” and not CD!  Enjoy the music as you’ve made a great choice. 
Owned many FPB over the years and to my ear best in the era.  Heard one recently and was definitely a grandfather's amp.   SS has improved dramatically over the years.
Audioquest tried to buy KRELL, instead they bought CLASSE. KRELL will not die, but look for different ownership in the future.  Samsung wants them too as they already own Mark Levinson. 
I have found memories of my KSA 80. Drove a pair or Acoustat 2 plus 2's. KSL preamp. It was amazing sound. 
I recently took a chance on a Krell Vanguard integrated and Connect Streamer Dac, both approx 6-7 yrs old. They were a steal, so it was curiosity more than anything. I'm stunned by the quality. The preamp circuitry in particular is about the best I've heard, and the streamer is a perfect match for the ESS Sabre chip it's built around. 

I would choose the Krell over the $15K tube amps I've auditioned (like VTL--ooh, hum! Yay?). I find McIntosh underwhelming, Rogue often brittle and PS Audio excellent but also oddly bland. I'd put the Krell about on par with some of the Vinnie Rossi gear I've auditioned, which I love. 

Anyway, I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Krell. People bash the company because some stupid private equity jerks bought the company and kicked Dan out. Ok, but it's not like Dan was building each component by hand, and it's an insult to the amazing and talented people there to keep trashing an iconic audio brand that still makes objectively excellent gear. Ymmv.

I’m looking to replace my 23 year old Krell KVA 300i integrated amp. So I am looking at the Krell Duo 175 xd, i’m wondering if it’s too much power for my Theil CS 2.25 speakers. Anyone out there have any experience and or advice? (There is always the Krell Duo 125 xd. Upgrading the speakers is another option but one that I can’t afford at the moment if I go with the 175.)

Other suggestions?

I have the KRELL K-300i integrated so I know the sound of the new XD line.

I am looking to upgrade a Parasound A21+ to the KRELL 175XD or 300XD. The A21+ sits right beside me when used as a headphone amp otherwise I move it further away in-between my floor standers. Can someone tell me if the KRELL cooling fans are noticeable if the amp is right beside the listener. 

My 175XD is a couple of feet from my listening position and I've never noticed any noise coming from the fans.  I was concerned about this before buying the amp but it's been a non issue.

Thanks. The only negative for me now is the 21-inch depth of the amp. I did not realize it was that big.

I have to decide between a new 175XD or a used 300XD. After I get rid of my Parasound A21+ it will be about the same price for the 2 KRELLs.

Not heard a Krell amp in a long time.

was in love with those FPB monos of years back, talk about sheer headroom and power, those were amazing!

I would have loved to see,touch,listen to the Master class monos from years back, not one dealer/shoppe near me had a pair as floor I remember, they were just massive, and would even drive the MBL RADIOSTRAHLER, and large infinity’s’ and other 2-3 ohm speakers with out getting warm.

It’s a shame companies stop making amps like that, there are others like those Boulder monos at hundreds of thousands of dollars,

Krell should bring back the class A/ab behemoth amps, there is a niche market, and they do sell.


many companies toss out older versions for cheaper parts, and raise prices of inferior products.


CJ 350 amp was amazing, only thing close to it was the McCormack/ CJ dna750 monos,


the old Levinson monos,…but, levinson, for the price had lots of repair issues, unreliable, for the price paid, it should not break for 40 years!

Written several letters and emails to BIC, to consider a flagship speaker, they use good drivers, but internally, they need to be manually stuffed with damping material, they are hollow inexpensive cabinets. The older ones were done right, newer ones while descent, need to be filled with material.

anyway, I’m talking about the BIC Realta pair, those were so good for te price, and sounded so darn good, a pair just sold my me, but I honestly didn’t have the $, and I have 6 pairs of speakers in basement, wife would  have blew a neck veign if I brought home more speakers.

those Realta were so nice,I remember the midrange,treble and bass, was seperated nicely, bass was tight without being too boomy, guitar and vocals were amazingly clear and detailed.



the measley BIC venturi company, some great TT in the 70’s, and some specific models of speakers, which were very very good, V-830, formula 6 speakers, but the foam rotted quickly, and there is almost no restoration for those.


ok, done ranting.


im going to look up and drool over the old Krell master class pictures

@arcticdeth Did you see the video from Walter @ KRELL (maybe CEO) on Jays_audio_lab thread on A'gon. 

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I bought the KRELL Duo 125 XD today. An unbelievable trade-in offer for my Parasound A21+. A no brainer to get the KRELL for my RAAL SR1a since it is the best sounding amp (by far) with the SR1a. 

Now I am officially done. I thought I was done after the Parasound A21+. 


Congratulations. I’d be interested to know what you think once it’s broken in and what equipment you’re using with it. I’m using the Krell Duo 175xd with Benchmark LA4 preamp,KEF Reference 5 speakers, Innuous Zenith 3/Innuous Phoenix, PS Audio Directstream dac.


I am listening to my RAAL SR1a headphones with my KRELL K-300i in my bedroom as I type this. It is the very best sound I have gotten from these headphones. I have tried a ton of gear on these headphones because I think they are incredible and sound like 2 channel, not regular headphones, which I am not a huge fan off.

In my office I have a CODA 07x preamp which has 2 sets of XLR outputs. I set of outputs goes to my CODA #8 amp which drives my Thiel CS3.7 speakers. The second set of CODA 07x XLR outputs was previously connected to the Parasound A21+. Which then drove my RAAL SR1a headphones via an amp interface box. I thought I would be happy with the A21+ for this task but whenever, I listened with the KRELL K-300i integrated and the RAAL SR1a the A21+ was found lacking.

So, I made the crazy decision to trade-in the A21+ for the KRELL Duo 125XD. This amp will be used just with the RAAL SR1a. I know crazy but this is end game stuff for me. I was considering getting the 175XD or a used 300XD to have the option of also driving the Thiel CS3.7’s but I decided my CODA 07x and CCOA #8 were amazing and not to mess with a good thing. The 125XD will be under-powered for the Thiel.

I also have the Benchmark LA4 preamp in my office. It is also connected to my audio sources as is the CODA 07x. I just flip the XLR output from each preamp to the CODA #8 amp to change things up with the Thiel CS3.7. I will try the LA4 with the KRELL and RAAL along with the LA4 and 125XD with the Thiel CS3.7 though I expect this to be lacking in power,

Bought a Krell KSA250 32 years ago new.  Great amp that still sounds good with the right speaker.  140 pounds of finesse/muscle.  On a wait list for complete restoration.


Had an original KSA50 before that.  Also a wonderful amplifier.


Build quality of those amps resembles that of $50,000 plus products of today - actually more.  Can't afford new stuff in that category, so compromised on a set of new Pass class A mono's.


Don't even think about new Krell amplifiers, totally different product.  YMMV

Yyz-I noticed your comments in the speaker forum about the KEF Blade2.  I've been very happy with the KEF Reference 5s.  I didn't even audition the Blades because of WAF.  She was pretty adamant that the Blades were not coming to our house no matter how good they sounded.  I got the Reference 5s in white and they look and sound great.  My Krell amp replaced a 25 year old Audio Research VT130SE.  Great amp but, after all that time, I was making too many trips to the repair service, which is 90 minutes away.  I don't think I've lost anything with the Krell.

I was lucky enough to audition the Krell K-300i & Duo 300 xd.  Both are fantastic paired with my speakers, Alta Audio Alec’s.  I have a Primaluna Evo 400 integrated and a Coda CSib Integrated as well.  The 300i beat out the other 2 integrated amps.  The Coda is a beast as well, I preferred the slightly sweeter, warmer sounding Krell to the Coda but think when comparing the 2 would be a toss up, come down to personal preference to Krell or Coda’s sound signature. The duo 300 xd is the best amp I have ever had in my system.  I ended up buying the 300 xd.  I’m using the Coda as a pre for the moment, couple steps up from any integrated amps I’ve heard.

Both Coda and Krell where very accessible, they’ll talk to you about their products.  I’d highly recommend both brands if someone is looking for amps amp and or an integrated.