Any love for Neko Audio D100 on here?

It's been a great DAC in my system but I see very little mention of it on the forums. Anyone else out there try it in their system? If so, what did you think?
I have one too - I haven't thought about upgrading since adding it to my stable. Even ordered a SRA VR base for it.
i reviewed it several years ago. it's a decent dac. you can read my review in the archives at .
I have had the MkII for about two years. I was using a Wadia 15 before it and while the Wadia had more punch, the Neko is far superior for musicality, tone and low level harmonic and dynamic contrast. Shunyata power cable and still points took it up quite a bit.

Thinking of upgrading (typical audiophile) so I got on this thread to see what others are saying and possibly moving to.
It's really good. Sometimes I miss the punch that other artificially-colored digital players provide but I really appreciate its ability to render correct and natural tone.

It's a passive output design so remember to keep its IC cable lengths as short as possible.
I think its passive transformer gives the unit a very euphoric, tubelike sound while maintaining clarity and detail.