Any love for Musical Fidelity integrateds?

I recently bought a Musical Fidelity m3si and I’m pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy the sound of it. I wanted a SS amp to use on hot days when my tube amp warms up half the house. I always heard good things about MF, so thought I’d try it, but there are few MF reviews online, so I was a little reluctant. The m3si has 85w/channel @8ohms which is plenty for my high sensitivity Tekton speakers. I’d describe it as sounding smooth and effortless; having good clarity and detail without being bright. The balance between bass, mids and treble is just right. I can listen for hours without fatigue. All in all a very enjoyable and engaging listening experience. A while back I sold my Hegel integrated as I pursued tubes, and regret it, but I’m glad to have the MF.

musical fidelity has had quite a history, kinda all over the map, high and low points, do things their way, their own path to achieve excellent (nuvista, tube buffers, etc etc) ... their high points are very high e.g. (their tri vista dac is still wonderful), true giant killer performance, but other items are just ok... company has changed hands, new leadership, hope they make a comeback

yes designed in europe and made in taiwan (not that that is a bad thing)

@voodoolounge - I am using an older Tek-Line 10 guage pure silver model. Experimented with quite a few and it seemed to bring the music to life with just the right combination of midrange purity, deep bass, and top end sparkle. I think the company went out of business long ago, but I'm sure current technology silver cords would work just as well. 

How hot does the Musical Fidelity M6si integrated amplifier get?   Is it okay to be placed in a cabinet with an open back and sides?    Thanks...

I purchased an m6si about a year ago and love it. Great sound and a lot of power. When it's fully warmed up, my thermometer reads 90 degrees above the top vents. I have it on an open rack.