Any love for Jolida integrates?

I'm interested in JD-1000 BRC or the JD-3502S or the JD801BRC integrated amps. Anyone have any experience with any of this units? Specs look good, prices look great, reviews however look thin.
It would be located in an open great room, with a listening area maybe 14' square with 10' ceilings. It would drive a pair of Silverline Audio sonatina's mk4 (91db).
Thanks for any help or advice.
I have a Fusion 3502 silver and love it.

It's an amazing value and I smile every time it's on and playing. I just added KT-150's and got more power, authority, sweet midrange and great treble.

My speakers are 92dB and power is more than enough for my listening.
The JD-1000 BRC is a good tube amp, and one of its model variations was for me what planted the seed of moving to tube amps. I'd say it has a classic tube sound. At that price point I'd suggest the Rogue Cronus Magnum II, though I would opt for Gold Lion KT-88 tubes.

The JD-801 BRC is certainly worth considering too, but its sound is different enough from the JD-1000 to make auditioning prudent - well, that's prudent for any of them.

I know people with each of the amps (except the 3502) I've mentioned and they all like them. But if it were me I'd get the Rogue Cronus Magnum II.
I had a 102b....el84 based amp and once I changed the coupling caps and volume pot to a higher quality it turned I into a charmer of an amp.
I don't know about the integrateds but I'm very pleased with my Jolida 502P power amp powering my Magneplanar 1.7's plenty of power and no trouble in the 2 years I've owned it.
I've had a 1501BRC with Parts Connexion mods for approx. 7 trouble free years in a secondary system. Good performance for the price and very dependable.
I rant frequently about my factory upgraded 502P…almost 4 years, various tubes…currently using KT150s/GL12AX7s/Mullard 6201s…a GREAT sounding amp.
I have a 3502s with the same tubes as Wolf and listen more now than anything owned previous to the Jolida. Sounds very good and not alot of $$.
Jolida 3502 aluminum chassis Fusion comes with a lot of aftermarket upgrade parts
The New German Rike  outpùt capacitors  model-S-2 are very good IMO 
Not that much behind the top brand Deulund  capacitors,and eound excellent
Put in high quality tubes a very good power cord vibration feet tube dampers like Herbies ,trash the stock fuse to av6.3 amp slow hifi tunjng Supreme  arrow on fuse pointing to thd left and incredibly good.
My friends Rogue cronus mag-2 was no wares as refined 
My brother has $3200 prima luna  he sold if and bought exact same as me 
Spent extra 350 for additional Vishay naked foil resistors.
I have a question about the fuse exchange for the 3502. I have this amp and wold love to know how to accomplish that.
Thank you

Jolida is on my list of tube integrateds I would seriously consider.  They seem to provide a lot of value.  
Jolida produces outstanding tube integrated amplifiers.  Have previously used them.  No, they don't outshine my Jadis, but who would expect that?

Put it this way, I'm about to take up a second residence in the Vancouver, BC (no, nothing to do with Trump or Hillary) area, and will put together a third system there.  The one product that keeps popping up in my mind for this new place is a Jolida integrated.
I have a JD-1000 integrated amp. It is an early version.  I've only had one issue with it,  the volume pot needs to be cleaned with contact cleaner every few years.  Early on with the amp, I wanted  subwoofer out RCA added.  I am not a tech person, so I sent it back to Jolida.  Dealing with the Jolida people was a pleasure, very down to earth and just plain nice.  When I went looking for a phono pre-amp Jolida was at the top of the list.  Given the performance and price of there product they offer real value.
I ranted in earlier posts about how great the guys at Jolida were when I bought my "upgraded" 502p 4 or so years ago. I was able to waste a lot of their time on the phone (Including talking to the Jolida founder, Mike Allen), and they actually sent me a list of what was upgraded…lots of little things. Also I have recently started using Gold Lion (re-issue) KT88s in the thing and really like ’em after KT120s, 150’s and other 6550 (stock) and Sovtek 88s…the Lions roar, or at least sound fabulous and are certainly capable of roaring I suppose. I remain surprised at the fact there are so few reviews of the amps although maybe it’s because they barely (or not at all) advertise these things…strange.
I have an old JD-202A. According to Mike Allen it is an early one.  It is like a timex just keeps on playing.  With the new golden lions and Klipsch Herasy's the sound is astonishingly fantastic. 

I sell Jolida gear. I have heard lots of amps over the years- new and vintage. Jolida amps are very nice sounding amps- about the best amp you are going to get for the money, and the Fusion models will compare to amps costing a good bit more. One thing I keep hearing from customers again and again- no listener fatigue. The all tube amps, and the hybrids as well have a really pleasant sound- clear, smooth, and natural. The 3502 amp is awesome sounding. The 801 is really strong in highs, mids, and bass. Is very clear sounding. If you are considering a Jolida amp I will beat any price- look me up. See petery-hedden com. Or Anderson Audio Gallery (on FB). All of their amps sound great. Be sure to buy ones from Jolida in Maryland USA. Avoid the not real thing. Bob A.
I sell Jolida gear. It is great value, and the sound is always very nice. Clear, natural, relaxed sound. Some people seem hung up on Rogue Audio. I can tell from listening experience the Fusion 3502S sounds a lot nice than the Cronus. The cronus lacks in bass, and upper ranges. there are many reviews of Jolida gear. You may not find reviews for a particular piece of gear, but find other reviews. is great. reviews by owners. always best. what do people think of their investment? most reviews net a 4.8 to 5 out of 5. I have never had a single complaint of the 801 (now 6802) or jd 1000brc / fusion 1000 amps. you find very few jolida amps for sale in the used market. people keep their amps. try finding a pair of the 3000 monoblocks, or envoy monoblocks..