Any Love for Audiolab?

I am mulling over my next upgrade and I came upon a couple of digital pre-amps. One of them is the Audiolab 8200DQ. It is a digital pre-amp (containing a DAC and 4 preset filters) plus it has an analog section to handle my turntable/phono stage input.

I don't get many hits here at aGon for Audiolab and none for their new stuff.

I'd love to hear what others think about their newest products.
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^^^which is why I am considering it!

I haven't listened to it yet, but the shop that sells them tilts to the relaxed British sound - Harbeth, Neat, Spendor, A/R, etc. I don't want a preamp that sucks all the life out of the music, but I also don't want something so revealing as to make listening to digital sources a chore.

Donjr, can you give me your impressions about the SQ?

Many thanks.
I own a 8200cdq and love it. For the price you can't beat with the amount of features and versatility. The reason there's not a lot of feedback on this web site is that it's not expensive enough so people poo poo it.
I would have bought the MDAC if they're hadn't been such a backlog to buy it. Still curious. There was a buzz about the MDAC at other audio forums, not much here. I bought the W4S DAC2 instead, which is a fine piece, but it would be nice to hear them side by side.