Any louspeakers that has a transferable warrantee?

This may be a strange question, but are there any loudspeaker companies that honor the transferable warrantee to the 2nd, 3rd, etc owner rather than just to the original owner?

I like the concept of Bryston that has 20 years warrantee and it's transferable. Just wondering if there are anything like this for loudspeakers.

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Every speaker manufacture that I know honors the transfer of warranties. I am sure there are a few that do not but realize most component manufactures honor the transfer of warranties also although there are a few exceptions.

You worry too much about things breaking. Honest. Consider the automobile. Look what kind of shake, rattle and roll occurs in the life of a car and most of the stuff still functions fine up until it gets too costly to replace major components that, by their nature, are meant to wear out. I rest my case.

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I know I may be a bit paranoid.. But as I will spend most of my saving building on the system and I will move to Thailand which service may be problematic so I just wanna make sure that I make the right decision to go with the used route.

To me it may be a bit to compare speakers to a car though. I I get what you tried to say.
Hi Ake: Thailand! Sounds exotic.

I'd take a close look at Thailand before buying "for warranty." Even if you have a warranty someone has to do the work! You might wind up with a product with a lifeteime warranty and no authorized servicer in the far east. There might be good stuff there that is far cheaper than shipping around the world. nOrh comes to mind immediately but there may be other domestic makers. In addition, some brands might be favored over there and so service would not be a problem.

Also, if you're gettin a "system" I believe the electricity in Thailand is 220-240ac and 50hz. You might want to keep that in mind if you haven't already checked it out.

Good luck on the other side of the Planet!!!

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Right now most of products I am looking right now have at least Authorized dealer in Thailand so at least if anything goes wrong I should be able to get the service there.

I think most of the dealers don't like to do the service if the product is not bought from them unless it's required by the manufactures, which is fair enough for me.

I am aware of 220 vs 110.

The reason I ask is because I am aiming on the used stuffs as I can't afford the new one. The used here are much cheaper than in Thailand. If I plan to get new one I probably will get then all while I am there so no hassles to worry about.

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Silverline Audio will not honor it's warranty other than the original purchaser. I owned a pair of Sonata II's and Mr. Yun wanted $2000 to replace the defective pair. Perhaps it was a deal, but I wasn't interested. Part of the gamble of buying used equipment, be it cars or audio gear, is that repairs can be expensive.
My suggestion is this:

"Don't spend most of your savings on a HiFi setup!" It's really not that important and you may need that money for something else later.

My suggestion for spending is to only spend what you can afford to completely lose on ANY non-essential items. There are lots of great bargain priced audio pieces out there!