Any locking IECs that I can install on an amp?

I am looking to install an IEC in a Counterpoint SA-220 power amp. Are there any locking IECs that I can install?

Hey, Peter. Don't know exactly what you mean by locking IEC (since I don't believe such a thing exists).

But if you are looking for just a good snug fit quality-built IEC connector, you might try:

1. A Hubbell 15 or 20 amp IEC from Jena Labs that is cryo-ed.

2. A Marinco 15 or 20 amp IEC from Cryo-Parts which also have a pretty good fit.

Both of can brought much improved sonics because of the cryo-treatment as well as the snug fit.

I asked the same question a while back, you'd figure in the audio and computer industry such a device would be available by now. (don't think it be too difficult to manufacture now days)
They'd sure be useful with todays larger-than-garden-hose AC cords for us audio heads !
Locking connectors on balanced interconnects and digital cables work very nicely.
Good luck Pete, maybe someone can help us both out here !
I just installed the Neutrik powercons ( similar to their speakons ) on my SA-220’s and on my old Electrocompaniet these are high amperage AC connectors that lock.

The chassis and cable connectors are less than 10 bucks each and you can use a chassis punch for mounting which makes installation very easy. If your interested I’ll be able to send pics in a few days
I have old tweaked Kenwood tuner with an old AC lamp cord. I would love to add an IEC connector but don't know how to cut the opening to accept and extra one that I own.

Any suggestions? Or is it more trouble than it is worth for a tuner?

Richard, Just get yourself a 'nibbler' ($9?) from Ratshack and expand the existing hole with it! Once you see the tool, how to use it is pretty much self-explanitory. Any minor imperfections will be covered by the chassis IEC. It isn't much trouble and only you can decide if it's worth it!!!

Can you give a link to the "nibbler"? Could not find it on the ratshack site.
Stealth Audio used to sell a locking IEC. Contact Serguei at:

The tightest fitting regular IEC I've used is a Furutech FI20. You can actually pick up a piece of equipment by the PC & it won't let go. I did it with a lightweight CDP but wouldn't want to try with my 55 lb. amp.

Richard, I've added IEC jacks using a dremel tool. I use the dremel for lots of projects but wouldn't buy one just to cut out one IEC. You can purchase IEC jacks from Michael Percy Audio for not much $$$. I've added bigger captive power cords to several pieces, the biggest project being some mono-blocks, which involved drilling out the PCB. I purchased strain relief's from Michael Percy and had to drill a 7/8" hole to fit the strain relief.

It should be a pretty straightforward soldering job to replace the existing PC on the Kenwood and you can even use the equipped strain relief with a bigger diameter PC by drilling it out.
Hi Myraj,

Sorry about the non-active link, but here's where to go:

There's quite a few other sources as well, just do a search on 'nibbler tools'...