Any Living Voice OBX-R2 recommendations?

I'm hoping to set up an audition for these speakers in the near future. My room is 16x20, and my current source is the North Star M192 DAC.

I would say that 80% of my listening is rock (all sorts), jazz and blues. With the rest of the 20% making up anything from ambient to classical, etc.

Just wondering what people thought about them. Thanks

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Hi, I had a pair of these that I owned for 8 months or so. Overall I liked the sound.... nice inner detail, very transparent, similar in a lot of ways to the Kharma 3.2 fe's I had previously, not quite as refined. The speakers are very lightweight for starters. Build quality is average, the binding posts are color coded to make it easier to hook up the external x-over, which is also color coded. The binding posts themselves are kind of on the wimpy side. The external x-over, which by nature is a good thing, is a disaster from a wiring stand point. Four runs going from amp to x-over, and then four from the x-over to the speaker. That is for each channel. My room is only 13x17x8, and the wiring really was a problem. Not only from the stand point of expensive, but there were wires everywhere. I had them about 4 feet from the front wall, and about 2 feet from the side. Bass was tight and tuneful, but didn't provide the solid foundation to really put me in the arena. On the other hand, there is musical nuances that I heard on these speakers, that I can't hear on my current ones. I guess overall I would give them a 7/10, which is why I ultimately sold them.
Well, let us know what you end up doing.