Any Living Voice OBX-R2 recommendations?

I'm hoping to set up an audition for these speakers in the near future. My room is 16x20, and my current source is the North Star M192 DAC.

I would say that 80% of my listening is rock (all sorts), jazz and blues. With the rest of the 20% making up anything from ambient to classical, etc.

Just wondering what people thought about them. Thanks
Hi, I had a pair of these that I owned for 8 months or so. Overall I liked the sound.... nice inner detail, very transparent, similar in a lot of ways to the Kharma 3.2 fe's I had previously, not quite as refined. The speakers are very lightweight for starters. Build quality is average, the binding posts are color coded to make it easier to hook up the external x-over, which is also color coded. The binding posts themselves are kind of on the wimpy side. The external x-over, which by nature is a good thing, is a disaster from a wiring stand point. Four runs going from amp to x-over, and then four from the x-over to the speaker. That is for each channel. My room is only 13x17x8, and the wiring really was a problem. Not only from the stand point of expensive, but there were wires everywhere. I had them about 4 feet from the front wall, and about 2 feet from the side. Bass was tight and tuneful, but didn't provide the solid foundation to really put me in the arena. On the other hand, there is musical nuances that I heard on these speakers, that I can't hear on my current ones. I guess overall I would give them a 7/10, which is why I ultimately sold them.
A rare combination of clarity and musicality. Hard to describe but they are simultaneously forgiving and at the same time able to convey alot of intimate detail. I have and reccomend the IBX's because I didn't want to mess with extra speaker wire (for which I reccomend Auditorium 23's). It seamed to me like alot of hassle and expense for a little gain. I have a similar size room and run them plenty loud with 20 watts. Another attribute of this speaker is that they haven't been too picky as to the amp they were maited with. Your Pass should be a good fit.

Is it a great rock speaker? I don't know. It's not going to move a tremendous amount of air. I would look at Klipsch and JBL for mostly rock. I will say that live jazz is outstanding. This speaker has alot "jump." Jazz on this speaker has an element of excitement that I have yet to hear on other speakers.
Thanks guys.

I don't actually have the Pass Labs amp anymore, my system profile is really old and needs updating.
Well, let us know what you end up doing.
I have the OBX-R2's. They are fantastic. I used them to replace a much loved pair of Reynaud Offrandes, which, at 89 db sensitivity, were not quite an optimal match for my 25 wpc SET integrated.

I would strongly echo Lokie's comments. I listen mostly to acoustic jazz and vocals. The jump factor is indeed mesmerizing, but not at the expense of musicality. None of the many speakers I've owned over the past 30 years or so can match the OBX-R2's reproduction of drum skins or shimmering cymbals. Cello and strings are stunning. These speakers don't have quite the heft of some others, but are capable of combining delicacy and sheer transparency in a way that portrays an enthralling sense of intimacy. They also do the disappearing act as well as well as any mini-monitors I've owned, including Spica TC-50's and Totem Model 1 Sigs. Solo vocals are incredible. Chet Baker, Norah Jones, Linda Williams, and Damien Rice have all been keeping me up late recently.

One thing I have read is that these speakers love being placed on the long wall. My room is similar to yours in size, but I don't have that flexibility. I sometimes wonder what else I may be missing.

I have found them to be cable sensitive. The Audience AU24's that I had used initially were not an ideal match with my system. I was surprised to find out how much I liked Radio Shack magnet wire, and now, Speltz Anti-cables. I'm thinking of trying the Auditorium 23's also.

Good luck with your decision.

If you change cables, let us know.
I appreciate all the feedback guys
i HEARD THEM AT A FRIENDS PLACE AND THE THOUGHT THAT WENT THROUGH MY HEAD WAS HOW MUSICAL THE SOUND WAS!I think that the speaker is forgiving but also is able to pass detail with the right cabling.The amp was a Jadis SET with a MBL front end and VD cabling.Hope this helps Dennis