Any line array rigging experts here please?

Hello all, I am new here seeking help to hang a speaker in like a line array style, do I have the right forum for this please so I can post the details?
Welcome newbie, feel free to post your question along with details. I can't help you with that, but there are many experts here!! HA. I'm sure others will answer. Until then you can simply search "line array" above in the archives. Much come's up. 
Thank you. I would like to suspend a speaker up as close to my ceiling in my one car garage guys, the height is only 8'. This is the pic of the area with the red arrow showing where I would like to hang only one of the speakers in the pic

and this is the speaker here:

As can be seen it is 76lbs and does not come with flyable line array options. I have put the pair up for sale and working on getting one EAW speaker like this:

which has options for flying. 2 problems I am facing, the wall has hollow bricks type and the ceiling has 60 year old beams so I don't know if I should fully trust either wall and/or ceiling to hold the 76lbs? Therefore I am looking into all possible options for this please, thanks.

From what I can tell you're just looking to hang speakers up in your garage not a line array. A line array is a loudspeaker system that is made up of a number of usually identical loudspeaker elements mounted in a line and fed in phase, to create a near-line source of sound. 
Yes, sorry for my lack of proper terminology. To hang just that one full range speaker over my subwoofer which is on the floor below.
Well, best I state the options I have thought of so far, let me itemize:

1] Truss like setup, get 2 jack posts on each side of my subwoofer and place a horizontal bar across the Posts to hang the speaker from.

2] Get a piece of angle iron so one side will screw unto the wall and the other side on two ceiling beams something shaped like this but don't know to hang the speaker straps or cable from it?

For the speaker itself I don't know if and how to use perforated straps or maybe steel wire cable since this is not a flyable speaker with mounting points. Since I have put the speakers up for sale I wouldn;t want to drill into the speaker cabinet anywhere so my thought iss to use wire or strap somehow hooking into the side handles of the speaker?

Someone told me simplest and cheapest option is to simply take two pieces of perforated straps and wrap each around the both ends of the speaker and screw those straps on tow ceiling beams. Won't look ideal with the strap showing in front of the speaker but....
Danny Richie covers all aspects of line array loudspeaker design in his GR Research section of the AudioCircle Forums, and in some of his Tech Talk Tuesday videos on YouTube.
That seems like a very informative forum thank you! I am not sure though if they cover line array rigging and DJ systems, seems to me to be more of an Audiophile forum?