Any limits on International Pay Pal transaction?

I'm looking for any advice on handling an international Pay Pal transaction for over $10,000. The item ebing sold is $15,000 and I plan on sending two Pay Pal requests for payments of $7500 each. Any problems with that? I have done international sales with no problems, just not with that high of an amount. Thanks in advance.
I wouldn't pay that amount by Paypal or Money order even in the USA,Much less oversea's.COD only or forget it.Fly over and pick it up.Maybe a complete rip off or may arrive damaged,then what......To many ripoff horror stories around and for a lot less money involved.You are totally uninsured if you are scamed.What will you do if you receive NOTHING??Call the police in some foreign country?Paypal will do nothing and neither will your Credit Card Co.You're asking for trouble.JD
Paypal was not able to answer your question when you called them? Odd, I thought they would know.
Don't let Jflepera scare you. It's only money. As long as it isn't your mortgage money or your kid's college tuition: go for it. A few prayers, valium and not having a wife, will certainly help. If you lose your $$, at least you can look at this as an excellent empirical learning experience, one that has, hopefully, taught you never to do that again....
Unless your handicapped or have a fear of falling out of the sky,or wanted,or whatever,I like the idea of getting it in whats the story?Just curious,Bob