Any Legacy Focus SE owners out there ?

I bought a new pair and have been breaking them in. The longer they play, the better they sound and they're not set up optimally - at all. Got them to replace my cherished Infinity R90's because of the tweeter/upper mid approach, which strongly echo's those amazing speakers. No disappointment there ;-)

Curious to hear from other owners as to what was the magic break in hour for you and, any special placement things you've learned. For example, they throw off enough Bass energy that they need good space off the back wall to not sound too chesty.
How big is your room? I own the SE's. The number I kept hearing from other owners was around the 300 hour mark for break in. Mine took somewhat longer than that (I'm guessing 450-500 hours) to really come into their own. My room at 13.5 x 17.5 x 8 is really as small as I would ever put them in. I have mine about 4.5 feet out from the wall behind them as measured to the front baffle. They are about 3 feet from the sidewalls to the center of the tweeter. I sit roughly 10 feet away from them. Toe in leaves most of the insides of the speaker visible. I am using Michael Green room tune pack for treatment. I know I could use more, including first reflection points and some bass trapping, but it is not too bad. The mid and upper bass is fairly even, but the lower bass is still a little high in level. The bass contour switch thins out the upper bass too much in my room, so I leave it out of the path. Legacy also has a user forum, and this question might get more reply there. Hope this helps.
I had the 20/20 speakers Ive ever owned. Miss them. Played well in every room I tried them in(4 rooms, large-small)

I own the HD's- see my virtual system on this site. I have about 300+ hrs on mine and they are starting to come alive. Mine are about 7 feet apart with almost 40 degrees of toe in for a listening position of about 9 feet. About 3 feet off the back wall. No room treatments yet.RealTraps soon. Have fun. Show us your set up. Welcome to the club.
I have an original pair of Focus from about 1999 and still love them. Every few years I get the itch to upgrade but after I go shopping and listening I decide to keep them. My room is 20x28 with 10.5 ceilings and mine sit about 2.5 feet off the wall leaving me about 17 feet away in my chair. They are placed about 12' apart leaving over 8 feet for a wall on each side. the soundstage is HUGE and I used a Pioneer Elite receivers built in frequency system to do the EQ work and flatten the response in my room.
would the Legacy Focus make a person want to upgrade from PSB Stratus Golds?