Any LampizatOr Gen 4 feedback?

I haven't seen much out there regarding the latest generation of LampizatOr DACs. I owned a gen 3/level 3 which I enjoyed but never fully loved, ultimately selling it.

I decided to give it another shot and have a Level 4/Gen 4 being built now that is expected to ship next week... can anyone comment on what I should expect?
I had the Gen 3 - Level 3 and a year ago went to the Gen 3.5 - Level 4 with Dueland CAST capacitors in the output stage. I also used a Gen 3 - Level 4 for about 2 months. In either case, the Level 4 DAC is a big improvement over the Level 3.
Also, has anyone read the review of the Lampizator 4 by the Audio Critic? I'm being cheap and don't want to buy it.
I received my LampizatOr L4/G4 on Friday and its a special DAC right off the bat! My unit is pretty custom incorporating a solid state rectified PSU (to mprove linearity and bass slam) and incorporating Fikusz' favorite Jensen caps and I've gotta say this thing is terrific.

I didn't much care for the Level 3/Gen 3 I owned previously, but this is a whole other beast. Low noise floor, great tonality, awesome staging and depth, really good at resolving complex passages and just an excellent, engaging listen.

My daughter was born on 3/28/13 and, as you could imagine I'm pretty darn sleep deprived, but that didn't keep me from staying up listening last night till about 2:30AM before forcing myself to call it quits.

Enthusiastic thumbs up!
L5 in the stall with DSD!

No more dac demos for me. Finished! Done!! Over and out!!!

Gopher - If you didn't like the level 3, what made you buy the level 4? Other than a demo, but I thought you had to order them unheard. In any case, I'm sure the level 5 will be outstanding.
I just broke in my level 4 gen4 and it is truly outstanding! I went with the tube regulated pwr supply along with the coax and USB and I can honestly say my system has never sounded better by a wide margin . I always admired my BDA 1 and will never put it down ( almost bought the new BDA 2) but decided on the Lampizator... It is superb.