Any Lamm LL2 Deluxe Owners???

I was just listening to the Lamm LL2 preamp with my Pass X-250 amp and it really sounded very musical and natural. What are you driving with your Lamm LL2 preamp? Has anyone upgraded to a different preamp from the Lamm LL2?



I recently bought an LL2 deluxe and am very very happy with it. I have an EAD Powermaster 2000 driving it, and together they sound fantastic. I also have an EAD Theatermaster Signature, but the LAMM is clearly superior when I A/B them. I use the LAMM when I play my CD's and the EAD Sig for home theater.

I haven't even thought of upgrading from the LAMM. It is that good. I tried the LAMM L1's, but liked the LL2 more.
YES! i own one. It is a keeper no desire to upgrade better than any line stagr i ever owned levinson, classe, audio note cat, no comparison real harmonic balance with body no glare or grain and great staging. Dont bother with any solid state you wont be happy
Updating my response from last year. After upgrading my source , I also upgraded to the Lamm L1 - and with the better source, the L1 IS better. The LL2 was a little (just very little, mind you) more colored - the L1 is awesome.