Any KEF Reference 207 loudspeaker owners on board?

Anyone on here own 207’s? I don’t see much information about them other than the 207/2’s. Their sound is unbelievable! I honestly can’t move from the living room because the audio addiction is real!
Hi- I have the Kef 207's too. What pre/amp are you using? I'm not having any luck getting much low frequency from these bigboys.
My setup is pretty basic with a Denon receiver and a QSC GX5 amp I was running on my power hungry Carver Amazing Loudspeakers. I don't get a "ton" of bass from the 207's but my 15" sub brings in the lows from about 17Hz on up. I know running the 207 woofers on a seperate amp would likely do the trick if you want more bass from the 207's.
How do you have the "Bass Adjust" plug set on the back of the speakers? I can't seem to find any info on the 207 bass plugs... I have mine plugged in on the "A" terminal.