Any Jonathan Kreisberg fans here?

Read a few reviews recently although I've never heard any of his music. Any comments? Suggested titles to try first? I'm thinking of checking out "South of Everywhere". Thanks!
PS: Early CDs only available on Dutch imports?
Sure, I like his 2004 "New For Now" on Criss Cross Jazz. Gary Versace on B3 is a great colleague. This is the only one of Kreisberg's I have. Worthy.
his album "south of everywhere"is a must for jazz fans.will certainly check out your pick.
I like both Jonathan Kreisberg and Jonathan Kruger.
I bought "The South of Everywhere" and enjoyed it very much. Slightly reminiscent of some Metheny. Definitely worth a listen and a purchase IMO. My first ever CD on Mel Bay Records, sounds pretty good!
Thanks to those who responded to my inquiry on this musician.