Any Jerry Douglas fans?

I have always enjoyed Jerry Douglas'playing with Allison Krauss, but yesterday my wife brought home the following:
Lookout For Hope (Sugar Hill SUG-CD-3938). The title track with Trey Anastasio on guitar is amazing. A great CD for showing off your system, as well as incredible music making!
Massive dynamic range swings, sweet highs, punchy lows...
As good as the track Lookout For Hope is, the opener is almost as good: An arrangement for dobro and guitar of Duane Allman's Little Martha. Anyone else familiar with this recording and as fond of it as I? Or, has this thing struck a chord only with me? I could listen to it over and over. Now, if I could find it in vinyl..
Try to find a CD called skip, Hop & Wobble by Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, and Edgar Meyer on Sugar Hill, all instrumental......incredible trio playing, great fidelity. Jerry Douglas is the best dobro player on the planet..... other interesting CD's are Strength in Numbers w/ the aforementioned Meyer, with Sam Bush, Bela fleck and Mark O'Conner on fiddle.
Jazz guitarist Bill Frissell did a CD titled Nashville that has Bill trading licks with Jerry on most tracks. I've been fortunate to have heard Jerry Douglas play live numerous times, including back stage jam sessions....always a pleasure. Great New acoustic musician.
You betcha. Caught him on the Down to the Mtn tour, he's also featured on the new Live Alison Kraus/Union Station CD, in which she calls him the planet's greatest living musician. That man can make more music come of out one instrument in 3 minutes than most bands can produce in a lifetime. Glad you like his new solo, I love it too.
I like the solo work he has done and also check out the all star Strength in Numbers.
If you like Jerry's playing try to find the aldum "Boone Creek" (Sugar Hill CD-3701 ) which is still in print and must have for all Bluegrass fans. I have played Bluegrass for 35 years and never heard anyone better until a few years ago in Nashville I heard a guy in a jam named Randy Kohrs who is maybe even better and definitly plays hotter.Look for him on Pinecastle Records yearly intstrumental cds ( Bluegrass 2001,etc.) ----John